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This is an open archive of all information pertaining to the Molten Aether family of role play settings, consisting of three distinct settings set in the same universe but at different times and places, each with its own unique atmosphere.


The Molten Aether role play settings follow a FFRP (Free Form Role Play) format, meaning that dice are not used for gameplay. We have established Site Rules that serve as guidelines for player behavior. For new players or anyone interested in understanding our role-playing style, we have a Role Playing Guide. If you come across any unfamiliar terms, please refer to our page on Terminology.

Where Journeys Become Legends and Legends Shape Universes

Point of View

Most of the content on this site is written from an in-universe perspective. If any page or section deviates from this style, it will be clearly indicated. The site is written as if it is part of Solas Tempus, the primary organization in the Blazing Umbra Setting. In the game, it is generally accepted that Solas Tempus, being from the distant future, has records of the events from the other two settings, even if the characters in the Blazing Umbra setting are not directly aware of it. It can be compared to how extensive historical research can provide detailed information to certain individuals while remaining unknown to the general public.


The flow of time in our role play settings follows a 1:1 ratio with the real world. In other words, for every day that passes in the real world, a day passes in-game unless otherwise specified in an announcement. Time itself is based on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), which is equivalent to GMT+0 without daylight saving time. You can find the current UTC time here. For further details, please refer to our page on Considerations of Time.

Angelic Sins

The Angelic Sins setting is derived from the concept of a modern world where supernatural creatures exist. It takes place on present-day Earth, where vampires, ghosts, and other supernatural entities are real. For more information about this setting, please visit here.

Blazing Umbra

Blazing Umbra is a modified universe based on the Star Trek franchise, centered around an organization called Solas Tempus. This organization is responsible for safeguarding the timeline from alterations. Although Solas Tempus is not directly affiliated with the United Federation of Planets or Starfleet, it has established treaties with the governments of many known worlds, including those that are not friendly towards the Federation as a whole. Find out more about this setting in this section.

Embers of Soteria

Embers of Soteria is a fantasy setting that takes place approximately 1 billion years prior to the events in Blazing Umbra. It unfolds on the planet Elder Soteria and is deeply connected to the pre-history of the star system featured in Blazing Umbra. This setting encompasses a world filled with magic, dragons, knights, elves, and more. Explore this section to learn more about this enchanting realm.

How to Join

We welcome everyone to join our role play community by joining our Discord server. You can access our server through this link. If you are interested in participating in the chat games, it is necessary for your character to receive approval. We recommend starting with the approval process after you have familiarized yourself with the specific setting you wish to join.

IC / OOC Chat

Our chat rooms consist of two types: IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character). In the IC channels, all interactions occur from an in-character perspective. Players should be mindful not to engage in god-modding, and out of character conversations should be kept to a minimum. If you need to discuss something OOC, enclose your message within double brackets or parentheses - [[]] or (()).

When writing in character, we prefer the use of third-person narrative. This style offers flexibility and often takes the form of paragraph-based storytelling. While not obligatory, italics or other rich formatting can enhance the readability of your posts. Discord supports Markdown Language, which can be utilized for this purpose. Actions are commonly denoted in italics. Ultimately, the most important aspect is ensuring that everyone can comprehend what a character is saying and doing.

Some players enjoy portraying multiple characters. In such cases, it is crucial to clearly indicate which character is performing each action. Without sufficient clarity, the progression of play can become confusing. Including character names within a text block may seem redundant, but it helps other players keep track of ongoing events.

Having said that, we do not enforce strict grammar or formatting rules. Our focus is primarily on enjoying the experience, rather than scrutinizing English grammar.


We provide a variety of bots for our members to utilize. Each bot has its own help information, which can be accessed using the following commands:

  • For Tatsumaki, use t!help
  • For Dyno, use ?help

Currently, we have two bots available. Tatsumaki is used for tracking activity and offers a few additional features. Dyno primarily serves as a moderation and administration tool. All members are free to utilize any bot function on the server.


It should go without saying but there are a lot of elements here I do not own, but I do use. My use of them is meant as a tribute to their creators. In particular Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Babylon 5. In my writing I have mixed elements from these and other sources onto a canvas originally painted in terms of Star Trek. There is some original work here, however, so for the things I have created with my mishmash of science fiction and such, I do request that if you're going to use or reference it at least let me know and give me credit.


When writing things based on someone else's work, keep in mind that you're not the creator of it. Attribution is important! Please do not add work that you know for a fact is protected under copyright by another party without permission. Even when you're free to use it, give attribution to where you got the content from. People work hard on their content and deserve to be noted for it.

Violations of Copyright

Most of us know what is and is not under copyright, but if you don't... Ask someone. You can contact the site admin by contacting Cyclops via email at

If you are visiting this page because someone has infringed on your copyright... We apologize, please use the above links and inform us of the problem and we will rectify the situation.

Using our Content

We have put a lot of work into the content here that is ours. All of our players have contributed characters, changes to the setting, ships, space stations, and the like. Even though many of the ships and stations use conventions found in other franchises, and we appreciate those creators for making them, we would prefer if someone else were to use our content - they give us attribution for it.

It is enough to drop a link to our source Wiki in with attributed work. On our Talk Pages for a given entry, we will often include what our source material is as well.