Considerations of Time

From Solas Tempus DB

As previously sated, in the interest of the international community all times in-game that require a definite time frame other than "evening" or some such, are based on UTC. The UTC time can be found here. UTC is essentially how the worlds clocks are set and kept synchronous.

There is a lot to be fudged there, planets are different sizes, orbits take longer, rotation speed vary. The game recognizes these problems but overall also recognizes a concerted need for some way to tell what time it is (when called for).

Flow of Time

Time goes on a 1:1 ratio in all settings unless otherwise noted. The problem comes up, however, that it is troublesome to keep a game calendar entirely in sync when it isn't the actual calendar. This is why, at the 1st day of every real-life month the date is reset in-game to that day. It is assumed and discrepancy in time happens off-camera.

To find out the current time in-game use the following command in #electric-dreams:

 t!converter timezone utc

Continuing RP

It is also understood that it is a huge ask for people to say all RP's must be finished in real time. Sometimes things need to pause, pause over the weekend, etc. since people get busy in the real world or cannot be on at the same time. So this is an area of fudge, players can assume that in a side-RP when they have to pause a scene and continue it the next day, time stops for that game and they aren't just missing in action for the entire time it takes to get a scene done (unless they want to be).

Players Offline

Players go on and offline to a real world schedule that often cannot be predicted. It is understood that the characters are "seen around" in the way that you may not talk to your neighbor but you see their car come and go, lights go on and off, see them get the mail or water the lawn and other normal things of life. So even if a player is offline or a character is not being played, they are not gone (unless the player says they are or is gone for an extended period of time).

Paused Scenes

Sometimes scenes get paused and players do not want to just have their character done for the day. People drop offline unexpectedly or do not actually ask before going to bed or some such. Players are free to fudge a scene like that; they can play the character as if the scene is already done and complete the scene later in most cases. Players should be aware that if they talk about a half-done scene and it doesn't turn out the way they thought it was going to it might cause issues. However, for the most part it is considered rude to drop off of an RP scene without telling your partner(s) about your intentions. It is also perfectly fine to have a character go on RPing as if the scene is complete until it can be finished unless they are asked / agree not to.

Last Call

The central area for interaction in the game is a tavern / bar. Players frequently forget to say goodnight, type that their characters have left, and the like. It is understood that the characters are not stupid drunks who sleep in bars (unless they are, and this is not normal / cause for concern) and actually go to bed every night. The occasional plot-driven (or boredom-driven) idea of waking up in the bar after getting drunk is perfectly fine. However, there will be in-game consequences for doing so, just as there would be for someone in the real world shutting a bar down and trying to sleep there after last call.

The assumption will be that PC's go home for the night.