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Markab Star System, Planet Trocara
Semper historiam protegens ut futurum salvemus, ad ultimum spiritum. (Always protecting history to save the future, to the last breath.)

Solas Tempus is a formidable organization born out of a research project delving into temporal anomalies. Their primary mission is to protect the integrity of the timeline by thwarting attempts to alter it. Utilizing advanced technologies and a fleet of refit spacecraft, they traverse the fabric of time, intervening whenever history is endangered. Solas Tempus not only engages in time travel operations but also conducts research and development, political maneuvers, and other secondary missions. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the past, they vigilantly confront the enigmatic organization known as Onyx, gathering intelligence to expose their machinations. As defenders of the Serenity Concord's territories, assets, and interests, Solas Tempus stands as a stalwart guardian, ensuring the harmony of the timeline for future generations.


The organization known as Solas Tempus emerged as an offshoot of a groundbreaking research project focused on investigating and understanding temporal anomalies across the vast expanse of known space. However, their primary mission extended beyond mere scholarly pursuits. Instead, Solas Tempus swiftly recognized the crucial imperative of safeguarding the timeline against the insidious machinations of malevolent forces.

Their rigorous studies unearthed unsettling indications pointing towards the existence of an enigmatic entity or organization engaged in a form of temporal warfare, brazenly manipulating past events to suit their own nefarious agenda. Despite this disconcerting revelation, the researchers faced a daunting challenge. The unknown adversaries possessed an uncanny ability to impede or render virtually impossible any direct and drastic alterations to the fabric of history.

Undeterred by this formidable obstacle, Solas Tempus resolved to fortify their ranks and marshal their resources. Equipped with state-of-the-art refitted spacecraft and an ingenious fusion of time travel and temporal isolation technologies, the organization swiftly consolidated its forces and purpose.

Integral to their operations is the sophisticated communications network named BlueNet, which stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to secure and efficient information exchange. Guiding the intricate workings of BlueNet is the sentient AI, HAL 9000, an unparalleled intellect at the forefront of technological advancements.

To delve deeper into the vast repository of related knowledge, one need only peruse the comprehensive category devoted to their endeavors. Within this compendium, invaluable insights into ranks, insignia, and other pertinent information can be gleaned, serving as a testament to their dedication in defending the integrity of the timeline against any threat that may arise.


The overarching objective of Solas Tempus remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the timeline from any attempts at manipulation or alteration. This primary mission compels the organization to proactively intervene whenever history is threatened, thereby ensuring the preservation of the past for future generations.

Beyond their time-travel operations, Solas Tempus also engages in a multitude of secondary missions that encompass a broad spectrum of activities. Among these endeavors, research and development initiatives stand as a cornerstone, driving the continuous advancement of technological innovation and scientific knowledge within the organization. By pushing the boundaries of understanding, Solas Tempus bolsters its capabilities to confront the ever-evolving challenges that arise in the temporal realm.

Moreover, recognizing the intricate interplay between temporal dynamics and political landscapes, Solas Tempus undertakes political operations to protect and advance its interests. In a complex web of alliances, negotiations, and diplomatic maneuvers, the organization actively seeks to secure favorable outcomes that align with their overarching mission. By leveraging their unique temporal insights and resources, Solas Tempus maneuvers within the intricate tapestry of power, ensuring that the past, present, and future align in a harmonious continuum.

However, amidst these endeavors, a shadowy specter looms—the existence of an unknown organization intent on manipulating the timeline through intermediaries operating within the temporal periods encountered by Solas Tempus. Although concrete information about this insidious group remains elusive, the organization has assigned it the enigmatic Codename Onyx. With utmost urgency, Solas Tempus has designated the acquisition of intelligence on this elusive organization as a primary objective. Through relentless investigation, surveillance, and covert operations, Solas Tempus endeavors to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding Onyx, unraveling their true motives and unveiling their clandestine operations.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to preserving the integrity of the timeline, safeguarding their territories, assets, and interests, Solas Tempus marshals its formidable resources to counter the threats that lurk within the temporal realm. The Serenity Concord can rest assured that their steadfast defenders stand vigilant, resolute in their mission to protect the past, present, and future from the encroachment of temporal malevolence.


Sal D'Amico
Fleet Admiral, Leader of Solas Tempus
D. S. Renton
Admiral, Leader of Gold Team
Lance Thomas
Admiral, Leader of Blue Team
Kerman Simon
Admiral, Leader of Green Team


Starbase Tranquility
Base of operations, orbiting Markab Prime.
Ronin Shipyards
Primary shipyards and refit center.
Starbase Pandora
Pandoric Rift station, operations and access classified.
Nimbus Station
Military research facility in the Schatten Star System.
Serenity Station
Spaceport and transit facility orbiting Soteria in the Schatten Star System.
Umbral Station
Manages the Umbral Rift as well as the shipyards in the Schatten Star System.
Umbral Shipyards
Covert operations shipyards and repair station in the Schatten Star System.
Integro Base
Earth's Moon.

Organizational Structure

Solas Tempus is divided into three primary arms of operation. Engineering, Science / Research, and Action.

Green Team
Responsible for all engineering projects, both civil and military. They research / build new facilities, starships, and any other construction which Solas Tempus needs.
Gold Team
Responsible for all scientific projects, focusing mostly on those dealing with time travel both theoretical and experimental. This organization is also responsible for the medical initiatives, including disease research and prevention as well as humanitarian aid operations.
Blue Team
The military action division of Solas Tempus deals directly with temporal incursions, intelligence, covert action, military operations, defensive projects, and security work.

Standard Systems

Solas Tempus uses the ALICE Interface as the standard computer interface, though it is not a sentient AI it does learn and configure itself for the user, identified either by voice command or their communicator. Their primary communicator is the Solas Tempus Communicator and primary data / scanning device is the Vertex Scanner. Both the communicator and the scanner are freely available in civilian models, though only Solas Tempus itself has access to the military versions.

They also make heavy use of AI's, every vessel is assigned a Master Systems AI (MSAI) and operatives are often paired with AI's, though it is not mandatory. Other standard systems in use are the SPERO devices, which are used as markers and security / surveillance drones in Solas Tempus facilities. The standard communications network is BlueNet with the master AI for the organization being HAL 9000, though those assigned an AI partner often use that partner for systems interface.

Androids use the Mark 1 Humanoid Android Body, which is also freely available to any AI with a demarkation between military and civilian models as well. The Multinodal Core is also standard across facilities, Solas Tempus also provides these for AI's wishing to use them and with a purpose for doing so. The freedom of AI's to escape from the confines of their program as well as expand themselves is at the center of this and other policies by both Solas Tempus and the Serenity Concord. The Xia's are also provided to officials, with permission of their controlling AI's, as assistants across the Concord.

All facilities and vessels are also equipped with automated repair systems in the Mark 1S Active Repair System along with the use of the Astromech Droids who maintain, repair, and otherwise service facilities and vessels.