Embers of Soteria Setting

From Solas Tempus DB

A realm of knights, dragons, wizards, elves, and more. Set in the village of Whiteridge on the edge of the Erast Forest in the Kingdom of Thaentis on the world of Elder Soteria.

Within the small village the road to the kingdom proper passes right through the town, cutting through the forest. In this small town the changing world swims around them as a period of prosperity is slowly coming to an end. The prophecies of The Old Gods say that one day a thousand years ago, a young man who was truly old and his team of heroes rid the world of the evil Emperor and freed the world from him, the 10 Kingdoms rejoiced and signed the Peace of Ages. Prophecy also says that after a thousand years, the peace would break and through its breaking also remake the world in a new image.

The Umbral Passages have been rare for many years but now they more frequently bring strange people to this world. These people tell that they don't know how they came to be here, even the most learned wizards cannot fathom how to open a passage and send these newcomers back from whence they came.

Scholars feel that the prophecies are nonsense, newly discovered science has begun to explain the world away and some are beginning to agree that the old ways are no longer needed. That their Gods and Goddesses are dead and gone. Within the small village of Witheridge, however, time stands still and the old ways are still alive and well. The Gods and Goddesses provide crops, game to hunt, and the sun and moon continue their endless cycles. For them, their world hardly goes beyond the forest while people traveling the road stay at the Hearts Refuge Inn and bring gossip and news from the outside to be talked over dinners and at breakfast but never more than a few idle words or the occasional heated debate.

This will soon change. As it always does. As it must.


Time is measured as the number of years since the great war, when the Peace of Ages was signed and the war anded.

After War
During War

The war is said to begin in the 1st year after the war, 1 A.W., the years counting backwards to tell of things during the war, 1 D.W. would be the last year of the war. There is no year zero.

The current year is 1045 A.W.

Other Races

While all manner of non-human races exist, none of have been seen in any of the Kingdoms since an event known as The Backlash which occurred shortly after the signing of the Peace of Ages. Although recently they have been seen, though no one is quite sure how or why.