Nox Elizabeth Ruby

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Nox Elizabeth Ruby
Played by: User:Lilith Aria Hyde
Height: 5'2
Weight: 115
Gender: Female
Race: Half human half demon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 5/10/2005
Place of Birth: Anderson, SC
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: she always changes it up. Right now it's rainbow
Figure: Petite, colorful hair with horns that change color with her mood. Human features. 10 fingers and toes.
Universe of Origin: Angelic Sins
Organization: Loner/herself
Occupation: Student
Setting: Angelic Sins

Noxs personality depends on who she's around and what's going on in her life. She picks up other's emotions and with her being half demon isn't always great for her or others around her.

She's confident in who she is. She's also confused about who she really is. She struggles with her humanity and fights going to the dark side within herself.

She's very smart, reads a lot about a lot of different topics and interests. For what happened to her she's fairly stable. As stable as one can be who's half demon and half human.

She's a smartass, sarcastic bitch to everyone. If she likes you or not. It's hard to tell if she does or not. She's funny, not knowing she's funny.

Special Abilities

Speed, agility, strength, rage time bomb, sees what's in your soul (if you're good or bad, empath), manipulate energies, protected against "human" weapons. Good in a crisis (keeps calm and thinks clearly). Astral projection. As she's still young and exploring herself, she's soon to find more.

Special Skills

Spellcasting, can draw you in with her human aura, stealthy (stalker like), can use your sin against you. Herbalism, knows what plants can heal and which kill.

Special Equipment

Knife's, ninja stars and daggers


Noxs parents passed away when she was little. She always knew she was different and wondered why she never really fit in in any group. When she was 13 she was going through her parents boxes and found out she was half human and demon.

She's from a small town in South Carolina and it's suffocating her and she wants to get out and find answers. Everyone treats her differently and she didn't know why until she found the box.

She was adopted but always ran away, they finally stopped looking for her. She got herself into college but always longed to know who she was and why her parents never told her. What happened to them? They looked completely normal.

She's always been fighting both sides of herself and she's been trying not to go to the dark side of herself. The demon side of her.