Vladimir Zima (Angelic Sins Variant)

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Vlad zima as.jpg
Vladimir Zima
Played by: User:necahual
Alias: Bloody Caiman of the Urals
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 210 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 65
Date of Birth: October 5th 1953
Place of Birth: Kasimov, Russia
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: blonde
Figure: stocky and muscular
Universe of Origin: AS
Organization: Self-Owned Mafia
Occupation: Mafia Boss
Approved By: Staff
Status: Approved
Setting: Angelic Sins

Calm and collected in execution. Friendly in outer appearances and to his subordinates but brutal and dominating when he needs to be.

Special Skills

  • CQC
  • Firearm training
  • Military hardware training
  • Jet piloting training
  • Helicopter piloting training
  • Training to drive most military vehicles
  • Subterfuge training
  • Command Experience
  • Polyglot - able to speak Russian, German, English, Mandarin, and French

Special Abilities

  • Rapid Healing - able to stop his aging, heals much faster than a normal person and can regenerate limbs and organs.
  • Eidetic Memory


Born in the town of Kasimov nestled in the Ural mountains. Vlad showed from an early age an uncanny ability to remember things. This eventually blossomed into a great intellect that drew the attention of the Soviet government. When they realized he had eidetic memory he was taken from his parents and indoctrinated into a secret Soviet program to enhance the abilities of their soldiers and spies. He was put in a government facility deep in the siberian tundra along with other ‘remarkable individuals’.

Vlad went through a battery of medical tests to determine whether his memory was genetic or if it had another component. There he met many of the supernatural creatures that had been rounded up. At first they did not accept him because he had not suffered like them but that quickly changed when Vlad was selected for an experiment. The researchers tried to increase his survivability as an agent by boosting his regenerative powers. The procedure caused him intense pain and left him mentally scarred, scared of medical facilities. It also left him with deep scarring before his regenerative powers kicked in, coincidentally the scars look like a caiman lizard.

Soon the supernaturals were ranked and selected for the best to be agents. The rest were to be kept in the research facility for continued testing. In the training facility things were not any easier. He and the others were given the equivalent of spetsnaz military training as well as university level schooling. The intense training weeded out even more of them until 132 were left, they were christened the ‘Winter Company’.

The first tasks of this new company was to set up intelligence networks in countries where it was deemed a supernatural entity or artefact of importance was located. Everywhere they could India, Philippines, France, Brazil and even in America. They were swift and professional in their execution and left almost no traces of their presence. This was soon to end however.

With the dissolution of the soviet union came about a lot of budget cuts and ending ‘unnecessary programs’. The Winter Company was one of those deemed useless and its budget dried up. The research facility was to be liquidated along with its ‘assets’. Having learned this and the fact that they all had nothing now the Winter Company rebelled against the government. They stormed the facility and saved the supernaturals within.

Now criminals they decided to band together to protect each other and become a mercenary company for the criminal underworld. They renamed themselves from the Winter Company to Winter’s Howl or Zimniy voy. Despite starting as a mercenary company they quickly became a full criminal organization in their own right. Since he was the leader of the Winter Company Vlad was naturally the perfect candidate for becoming their mob boss. With him at the helm the Zimniy voy is a rising force in the international crime scene. He focuses the organization into finding and recruiting supernatural entities to expand their power.