Unit 238C "Elizabeth"

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Unit 238C, Serial No. 14344ZA AKA “Elizabeth”
Played by: AscendingCanadian
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 338kg
Gender: Classified as female, no defined gender however
Race: Android
Age: 78 Years Old
Date of Birth: March 21st 2305
Place of Birth: Factory 35C
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Nearly White
Figure: Average, lacks genitalia, somewhat of an hourglass body shape.
Universe of Origin: Original
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary (Former), Freelance Reconnaissance for Solas Tempus (Current)
Rank / Skill Level: Professional-ish
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Generally nice, a bug in her programming gives her a rather sadistic personality, and at the same time drives her close and closer to insanity, getting worse as time goes by. She’s especially troubled by lapses in her memory, occasionally “waking up” in an unfamiliar place (but is logged in her databanks). Elizabeth learns from experience, and can express emotions like how a human would, this ‘feature’ of hers is slowly deteriorating, primarily due to her buggy program.

Special Skills

  • Physical:
    • Strength: 2A (Enhanced by modifying herself)
    • Agility: 2C (Enhanced by modifying herself)
    • Sight: 2A (Daylight)/2D (Night w/ Night Vision)
    • Hearing: 2C
    • Smell: 1A (Damaged, 2A undamaged)
    • Endurance: 2A (Android, doesn’t need rest)
    • Self-Control: 2E (Primarily affected by her Processing Unit, reaches up to 3C when her Processing Unit is working under optimal functionality)
    • Instinct: 2C
    • Night Vision: 2D (Maximum range without the suit is 100m)
  • Combat:
    • Marksmanship: 2B
    • Hand-to-Hand: 1D
    • Close Quarters Combat: 1B
    • Medical Abilities: 1E (She doesn’t know how to perform some basic first aid, only to wrap the wounds and put pressure)
    • Navigation: 2C/1D (Depends if she has data of the location stored inside her memories)
    • Hacking: 2D
    • Firewall: 2B
  • Other:
    • Cryptography: 2C to 1F (depends)

Special Abilities

  • Thermo-Optical Camouflage: 2A

Miscellaneous Information

  • Due to a bug in her Processing Unit, her built in calculator is more likely than not to make a mistake.
  • A few noticeable things about her is how her left forearm, right arm, some parts of her left thigh, lower left leg and her right leg don’t match the rest of her body, made out of a light and nearly indestructible plastic material as opposed to the usual Silicon-Titanium-Tungsten-Lead used in her construction.


Type 18 Multipurpose Protective Suit
  • Type 18 Multipurpose Protective Suit:

A personally made suit from the former Mercenary Company she was in, it’s derived from a hazmat suit, it offers freedom of movement and protection from intermediate cartridges for up to 50 meters, any farther and it’s immune to intermediate cartridges; It also functions as an EVA suit, equipped with thrusters on a small unit* on the back; It was built for any environment imaginable (except the surface of stars) and to face any threat that mercenaries are expected to encounter in their operations. The hands and feet have electrically activated magnets (HMH3 for hands and HMF3 for feet); The Helmet of the suit is nothing special (Type 56-1 Helmet), only marking targets that the user wants to mark, and has night vision with a maximum range of 300m and tiny lights on either temple. Additionally, it has a thermo-optical camouflage (SR-71-3 Thermo-Optical Camouflage System), able to disappear from most forms of detection (except an IR Searchlight + IR Camera combination and personnel oriented radar)

  • RV-23 Multifunctional Unit: An integrated backpack with carbon dioxide thrusters, air recycling system, ballistic computer, atmospheric analyzer, replicator, and waste cycling system. In addition, it has bullet/energy proof oxygen tanks with replicators inside said tanks, to provide near infinite length operations in atmosphere-less environments.
  • Stardust-2: The armor used on the suit, light and strong, it offers highly effective protection against intermediate power cartridges and is practically immune to energy-based weapons (Except Phasers); It consists of 6 layers, the first 5 are classified but the last layer is confirmed to be a lighter version of the Ablative Armor used on Starships.
  • Type 16 Gas Mask: Standard Gas Mask, built to be able to separate oxygen from the atmosphere in addition to filter dangerous gases and separate radioactive particles from the air.
  • G-20 Launchers: 23mm Grenade Launchers attached on the RV-23 Unit, can only fire EMP, Smoke, and Chemical Grenades.
  • T250 Communications System: A Multipurpose Comms System, it’s compatible with any and every known form of communication systems.


  • AN-94:

An 20th Century Assault Rifle employing a mechanically complex but unique system, standard Assault Rifle in Elizabeth's Universe; Several modifications had extended it's service life, though these modifications are relatively minor.

It has iron sights and 4 fire selection settings, Safe, Semi-Auto, Burst, and Full-Auto (Not Pictured); It's possible to mount additional accessories on it.

  • Effective Range: 700m (800m with a variable zoom scope zoomed in at 8x magnification)
  • Maximum Range: 800m
  • Rate of Fire: 1800 - 600 Rounds per Minute
  • Magazine: 30 or 45 Round Magazine, or 60 round Casket Magazine
  • Weight: 3.85kg (Unloaded)

  • TRG-42:

A 20th Century Sniper Rifle still in service today, it's Elizabeth's primary choice when shooting targets outside her assault rifles' effective range. She doesn't always carry this around. And keeps it inside her shuttle 90% of the time.

There's a difference though, there're Pictinny rails on the left and right side of the forward stock of the weapon.

    • Effective Range: 1.5km
    • Rounds in Magazine: 10

  • P12D:

A simple directed energy (Quantum Particle Gun) pistol, it fires neutron “bolts” to pierce armor. It has a welding function and ‘Stun’ setting (which is just a 5m long taser) in addition to its armor piercing ability.

  • Effective Range: 100m
  • Maximum Range: 1000m

  • Standard Knife
Standard Knife

EG-1 EMP Grenade
  • EG-1 EMP Grenade:
    • Area of Effect: 5m radius

HEG-1 High Explosive Grenade
  • HEG-1 High Explosive Grenade and FG-1 Fragmentation “Speaker” Grenade
    • HEG-1:
      • Area of Effect: 4m Radius
“Speaker” Grenade
    • “Speaker” Grenade
      • Area of Effect: 7m

TG-1 Thermobaric Grenade
  • TG-1 Thermobaric Grenade:
    • Area of Effect: 5m


EF-34 V/TOL Shuttle “Crusader”

EF-34 V/TOL Shuttle “Crusader”:

  • Powerplant: R-23-34 Fusion Reactor/Warp Drive: A compact powerplant that doubles as a warp drive, the warp drive is a Wormhole Drive type (A Warp Drive that forcefully opens a wormhole in front for the ship to use), cool down depends on what was the range, 2 hours minutes when warping at max range (2 light years) and as short as 10 seconds for the shortest (10 meters)
  • Engine: 2 x ER-4 Thrust Vectoring Engine, 2 x V236 V/TOL Engines
  • Main Engine Maximum Thrust: 1,000kN (per Engine)
  • Shuttle Weight: 35.130 tons
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 250 tons
  • Weapons: 2 x 20mm/L105 Railguns mounted on the underside (120 rounds each, comes with replicator, weight is 2 tons per gun)
  • Height: 7.4m
  • Width: 12.6m
  • Length: 17.7m


Originally built as a special operations military android, Elizabeth was fitted with a faulty processing unit, because of this, she was relegated to civilian tasks; Eventually, someone had the thought of selling defective androids to the public. She was the first 300 to be sold, being bought by a mercenary company, there were no modifications or repair done to her, mostly being used to escort high value personnel and/or cargo.

Around her 34th year of service, she was upgraded, primarily with her Processing Unit, allowing her to emulate human emotions and etc. Along with the installation of tear ducts and ‘Liquid Generators’ to emulate tears (comes in really useful when with Humans), this was done primarily to improve rapport with her fellow mercenaries, who mostly complained that she was too rigid to be their partner.

It was a success, and she was liked by most of her fellow mercenaries.

Instead of being sold for scrap however (as civilian androids were starting to appear and were relatively cheaper and could be adapted for any role with ease), her entirety was given an overhaul, primarily her software, allowing her to express more human emotions, make her own decisions, cry, learn, feel, and etc. Allowing her to live a Civilian ‘Human’ life.

She was fine for at least 3 years as a civilian, but the upgrades they gave her far exceeded what she needed, and she was left wanting for some action. Using her contacts in her former mercenary group, she bought her mercenary equipment (cost somewhere around 16 Million), and worked as a freelancer.

After her latest contract, her whereabouts are currently unknown.