Takumi Angelos

From Solas Tempus DB
Takumi Angelos
Played by: Red
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Human/part daemon
Age: 19
Place of Birth: coruscant
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Light Blue
Figure: Average
Universe of Origin: Star Wars
Organization: Resistance Alliance
Occupation: Resistance Comms Officer
Rank / Skill Level: Private First class
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Shy, quiet, and has a stutter

Special Abilities

  • Doombolt
  • Pink Fire of Tzeentch
  • Cat daemon transformation


  • Light weapon training
  • comms training
  • light engineer training


Being the youngest of the Angelos siblings, Takumi became very shy due to how popular his other siblings were and how much better they are at what they do than him. Takumi considers himself weaker and extremely younger than his other siblings even though he's equally as competent as them as his father always tells him. Takumi like the rest of his siblings strive to be as great as their father even though Takumi has his doubts that he’ll ever be as great as his legendary father he still does his best.