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30 September 2023

N    21:27  Rundafuil‎‎ 2 changes history +9,002 [Cyclops‎ (2×)]
21:27 (cur | prev) −90 Cyclops talk contribs
21:25 (cur | prev) +9,092 Cyclops talk contribs (Created page with "The Rundafuil is a multi-functional device powered by blood magic, designed for a range of dark purposes from secure communication to magical innovation. Its intricate mechanisms, initially appearing solid and unmoving, come alive when fueled, revealing an interface of shifting runes. Mastery of these runes is essential for utilizing the device's capabilities, although some individuals with dark lineage may have an instinctual understanding of its operation. == Usage ==...")
     17:51  10 Kingdoms diffhist +1,978 Cyclops talk contribs
     17:50  Realm of Froqua diffhist +11,453 Cyclops talk contribs

29 September 2023

     22:24  Winovin Star System diffhist +21 Cyclops talk contribs
N    21:15  Abigail Darkwood diffhist +4,108 Necahual talk contribs (Created page with "{{Character Box |image= Abigail.jpg |player= Lilith Aria Hyde |name= Abigail |fullname= Abigail Darkwood |altname= Abby |race= Human |type= Psionic |alignment= Chaotic |gender= Female |height= 4'9 |weight= 90 |haircolor= Black |eyecolor= Brown |age= 21 |dob= 1/31/2002 |birthplace= LaRue Pine Hills, IL |creationdate= na |creationplace= na |universe= na |occ= Traveling Carnival Worker |org= The Clown Lair |figure= Small, doll like, hourglass |setting= Angelic S...")
     21:12 Upload log Necahual talk contribs uploaded File:Abigail.jpg

26 September 2023

     21:44  Specialized Entity Neutralization Tactical Ammunition‎‎ 6 changes history +1,961 [Cyclops‎ (6×)]
21:44 (cur | prev) +32 Cyclops talk contribs
21:43 (cur | prev) −448 Cyclops talk contribs (→‎Capabilities)
21:41 (cur | prev) −58 Cyclops talk contribs (→‎Specialized Composition and Target Entities)
21:40 (cur | prev) +2,145 Cyclops talk contribs
20:33 (cur | prev) −1,024 Cyclops talk contribs
19:58 (cur | prev) +1,314 Cyclops talk contribs

25 September 2023

     22:24  Dara Byron‎‎ 2 changes history +1,365 [Necahual‎ (2×)]
22:24 (cur | prev) +23 Necahual talk contribs
22:22 (cur | prev) +1,342 Necahual talk contribs
     22:23 Upload log Necahual talk contribs uploaded File:Darazombie.jpg
     22:22 Deletion log Necahual talk contribs deleted page File:Daraburnt.jpg(No longer to be used)
N    21:23  Specialized Entity Neutralization Tactical Ammunition diffhist +6,004 Cyclops talk contribs (Created page with "The Specialized Entity Neutralization Tactical Ammunition (SENTA) is a highly specialized version of the 10mm Auto round, designed to neutralize supernatural entities. While the 10mm Auto is renowned for its balance between penetration and stopping power and is favored in specialized roles within the U.S. Department of Justice, the SENTA Round takes it a step further by incorporating a unique and classified blend of metals. This specialized composition enhances its capab...")

24 September 2023

N    19:48  Georgia Rose Dior‎‎ 2 changes history +3,579 [Cyclops‎ (2×)]
19:48 (cur | prev) +35 Cyclops talk contribs
19:47 (cur | prev) +3,544 Cyclops talk contribs (Created page with "{{Character Box |player= Lilith Aria Hyde |name= Georgia |image=Georgia-Rose.jpg |fullname= Georgia Rose Dior |race= Human |alignment= True Neutral |gender= Female |height= 5'3 |weight= 145 |haircolor= Dark Brown/Red |eyecolor= Hazel |age= 23 |dob= 8/28/2000 |birthplace= Vestavia Hills, Alabama |occ= Student/Cam girl/Adult entertainment |figure= Curvy, covered in tattoos, bedroom eyes, bold, provocative, edgy |setting= Angelic Sins |approvedby=Cyclops }} Sh...")
     19:46  (Upload log) [Cyclops‎ (3×)]
19:46 Cyclops talk contribs uploaded File:Georgia-Rose.jpg(Uploaded a work by Lilith Aria Hyde from Personal Email with UploadWizard) Tag: Upload Wizard
13:22 Cyclops talk contribs uploaded a new version of File:Anna-Wolfsbane-Quinn.jpg
12:35 Cyclops talk contribs uploaded File:Oscillating-mercury-core.jpg(Uploaded own work with UploadWizard) Tag: Upload Wizard
N    12:20  Cuil Energy diffhist +3,297 Cyclops talk contribs (Created page with "Cuil Energy is a specialized form of energy that enables the manipulation of reality across various dimensions. It is harnessed through Transcendent Implants, which are molecularly integrated into the user and are irreversible once installed. These implants are subject to regulatory oversight and are classified as concealed weapons. The use of Cuil Energy is visually conspicuous and can induce physical sensations in nearby individuals, thereby alerting them to its activa...")