STV Epoch (TOV-119)

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STV Epoch (TOV-119)
Class: Federation Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Captain Eris Neso
MSAI: Captain Eris Neso
Quote: "The arms are fair, When the intent of bearing them is just." - William Shakespeare from Henry the IV, Act V, Scene 2

The Epoch was commissioned on July 9th of 2382 and completed later that same year. Her designed purpose was to provide a more robust platform for both temporal and combat / defensive operations. The vessels design is based on the Constitution Class Starship and Solas Tempus made several modifications to the design before construction. She has the capability to travel through time and has an increased accuracy trans-dimensional beacon.

After her completion and the successful test runs, she was sent to the Schatten Star System to replace the USS Pillar of Autumn, which was damaged in combat and she was taken off the line for study and experimental refit.

Offensive Modifications

Much like its predecessor this vessel was designed for combat.

  • 3 MAC Cannons (Side by side at the center of the saucer.)
Cannot all be fired simultaneously, must have at least a 2 second delay before firing the next gun.
  • Molecular Disruption Device (Mounted to draw power directly from the port and starboard nacelles.)
Warp drive cannot be active while in use.
Takes 5 full minutes to charge.