Otto Rossmann

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Otto Rossmann
Otto Rossmann
Played by: Cyberstar
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 68.6 kg (151.2 lbs)
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Age: 28
Universe of Origin: AU based on JJBA
Occupation: Hired Criminal
Rank / Skill Level: Veteran Soldier
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Rossmann is a muscular man, with pale skin and numerous scars and cuts about his face. He wears a set of expensive-looking clothing, consisting of a pair of work trousers, an old purple dinner jacket adorned with a set of gold medals forming a cross shape with a green cravat, a red shirt and a pair of working shoes. His hair reaches to his waist, and is clipped with a multitude of clips in order to keep it out his eyes. Each one of these clips has a different Bear design, and they are adorned with rubies. His Stand (Blood Sugar) is a tall, humanoid figure that manifests from Rossman’s back. Its head is a triangular piece of metal, with a large chin section covering it’s chest. The head itself has two eyeholes cut into it, which constantly generate white light. The stand’s body is covered in what looks like a leather toga, with light green stitches diagonally crossing it at random points.


Rossmann is an eccentric lunatic, who loves to make his entrance known wherever he is. He is incredibly hammy, and takes great joy in being incredibly exuberant. He cannot stand losing, and it takes a great amount of effort to stop him from trying to win at everything.

Special Skills

He is quite good at throwing weapons, especially axes. He carries around several axes to toss at his enemies. He is very knowledgeable of mushrooms.

Special Abilities

Being a Vampire, he can lift incredibly heavy object with ease. He is also able to transform into a bat and evaporate into mist at will. He has an incredibly heightened sense of hearing. He is able to leap great distances, and it takes a lot longer for him to tire out. He can regenerate lost limbs, but this takes a while to do. He must feed on people by drinking their blood, and if he does not feed, he will enter a feral state. Sunlight burns his skin and weakens his powers, and in large amounts can reduce him to dust. Running water acts as a barrier he can’t cross, but he is capable of being transported across water by others. Crosses burn him in much the same way as sunlight.

Stand Abilities

Blood Sugar’s primary ability it to be able to burn anything away. Whenever Blood Sugar sets an object on fire, it can burn any part of it. It can single out materials or parts of an object without harming other parts of it (Example: It can burn the wood of a tree without harming the leaves, or burn a certain metal in an alloy of metals.) It’s secondary ability is the ability to transport it’s user across flames. If two flames were created from the same source of fuel, he can warp between them. It’s tertiary ability is its ability to reconstitute objects that have been burned by fire, including objects burned by its primary fire. Objects recreated by this ability must have been destroyed by fire and be close to the user. If a living object is recreated, it will only remain alive if within the user’s range. The moment it leaves the range, it vanishes forever. This Stand also gives its user and his clothes a slight immunity to fire. The stand can attack by rapidly punching.


Otto was born to a pair of poor famers in his mountain village. Even among the other villagers, Otto was always isolated and distant. One day, he and a village child came across an arrow in the dirt, and began to play a game with it. They scratched themselves with the arrow accidentally, and Otto developed his Stand while the other boy perished due to lacking fighting spirit. He was exiled by his village, and has wandered the world ever since. His vampiric state was gifted to him by a vampire priest, who granted it to him as a reward for his services.

A stand is basically a humanoid spirit summoned out of someone’s soul, and guided by their fighting spirit.