Nicole Pinteous

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Nicole Pinteous
Nehm'rai'cole Pinteous
Played by: User:Thatotakugalaxy
Height: 6'1
Weight: 143lb
Gender: Female
Race: Shadow Knight/Fae
Age: 32, 14'503
Date of Birth: 1238
Place of Birth: Berserial Village
Eye Color: Black Sclera's, golden Iris
Hair Color: White
Figure: Toned, Long Legs
Universe of Origin: Paid in Retaliation
Occupation: Keeper of the Void, Grim Reaper of the Damned
Rank / Skill Level: Professional/Commander
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Cross Setting

There is few sounds she can enjoy more than the groans of dying men, such as the ocean.

Nehm, also known as Nicole often comes off as frightening, apathetic. Being immortal and infinite and glorious, Nicole often takes pride with a hint of remorse to the uncontrollable abilities she's been gifted with the Void and underrealm. Having been one of the few to learn of the Void and it's existence, Nicole craved to turn nothing into something. Over many months of time within the Shadow Realm, Nicole has lost herself to the insanity of turning Void into her abilities and wielding the wild and unruly creation it makes With her age and time, Nicole has gained and lost many of her abilities, including sacrificing her many millennia of Shadow Knight abilities that had grown in order to be out with the old and in with the new. Having recently gone through troubles and conflict with friends, family with more, Nicole has taken a new standpoint in life as not to let those she cares for hold her back. Her craving further for knowledge and power grows with the few days that pass, and the inevitable is only to come.

Grim Reaper of the Damned

Nicole was forced into imprisonment within the Void after a promotion gone wrong. Due to this, Nicole was enveloped with the Void and her mind tainted by its ability and ways. After coming out, she attempted her best to act herself as she was promoted to the Reaper for the Damned souls of many universes of time. She is unable to transcend unto the level of a Deity however, she still aspires for the abilities to become one with her ability to fight alongside and against them. She often works alongside an Angel and a few others to make sure the Souls of life are taken to their proper places and homes.

Special Skills

Nicole has developed heavy stealth skills during her time, albeit most of them are from pure memory alone. Having only basic memories of most years of her life, Nicole's best asset is her memory for abilities. She is able to successfully pickpocket almost anyone, including demi-gods and unholy creatures similar to herself. Nicole is also able to sneak up behind most people, not detectable through the normal vision of people. She makes little toward no noise when moving and cannot be detected if sneaking or listening into conversation. The only way to tell if her presence is within an area is via her aura or magical detection. She is able to lock-pick most locks, doors, ETC along with leaving no evidence of attempting a break-in behind. She can also plant evidence at crime scenes if need be that can throw off her trail. Her skills in stealth can even set off Demi-gods, however, with enough proper recognition it's possible to put a clue that a Shadow Knight may have been present at the scene for few who have studied the Shadow Knights.

Special Abilities


Shadow Knight's Are not actually Immortal, But they Live slightly longer than normal humans. They have luck on their side, And by this, they are able to predict if something bad is going to happen. This does not mean that they cannot get injured, And they take injuries like normal humans. They get Sick and operate like normal people. However, similar to ghosts and poltergeists, they cannot be killed physically. They can and will always return to a new form, with the only way of a proper "death" being banishment via exorcism, death by magic or furthermore options. (WIP)

Shadow Knights all obtain Immortality upon death and reincarnation into their new occupation. They are still able to become injured and sick and die from such making them seem like one of the longest races to last. The longest Shadow Knight to exist was over fifty thousand years of age (Excluding Lucifer) who died due to mental insanity with being unable to keep up with time.

Void Curse, Shadow Knight Abilities

Nicole has the abilities of the Void as well as her normal Shadow Knight form and abilities. She is able to wield the Void like a curse, using it on portals, land, planets, people and even further. This will slowly deteriorate until nothing is left for it to corrupt and turn into pure nothing. This will usually subside with Air if in a realm or planet with oxygen. However, if entire planets, it will simply create a black hole in place due to placement. She is also able to use her signature move of disappearing into the shadows and reappearing, only needing to simply step into them to disappear into the ground and into the shadows fo the world. This can allow her to move extremely quickly within the realm. She gave up her abilities to transform into her Knightly form in order to create the Void as well as her ability to summon weapons on command to suffice for summoning the Voids curses.

Shadow Shifting allows Nicole to shift between the shadows at her own will. Similar to the above, she can temporarily transform herself into a wall or the shadows and stay as long as she pleases, but only if she is touching the shadow. There is no way to tell where she is, however, if she falls unconscious, or roughly touched (Punch, kick, ETC) then she is instantly pulled out of the shadows. The longer she is within the shadows, the more exhausted and drained she'll become. If this surpasses more than five hours, she'll risk burnout. Along with this ability, she can also meld into the shadows of a person and follow them around wherever they go, but they will still make noise such as footsteps, coughing, drinking, ETC. Any disturbance or odd disappearance of her shadow will cause her to forcefully reappear.

Air Psychokinesis gives her the ability that allows her to move objects if she has a breeze near her. This includes an opened window, AC, anything that would cause air to be moved. Even her own breath. This is not as draining, however, the larger or heavier objects are, the worse they become to move. She cannot risk a burnout, however, it is still possible for her to drain herself of energy and exhaust herself if she attempts to move things that she cannot normally physically lift (Example: If she cannot lift a horse by herself, it would be extremely hard for her to do it with her ability).


Nicole was born within a cold night in Berserial village, an offset of the kingdom she lived in. Her childhood was spent stealing bread and being a trickster in her kingdom, eventually taking trips with her family or friends out in the woods. During one night with her friends out in the woods, it began to downpour quite horribly. The teenagers and Young adults took shelter from the rain and found themselves in a cave. What they found next was a group of Shadow Knights, including a young foolish Travis who she would soon become close with as well as Vokun. During the night, her friends had promptly runoff as Nicole tried to distract the odd creatures from her friends in order to let them get help. It was too late though. The young girl was trapped and fell into a ravine, promptly dying within the impact... But Travis saw something in her. Noticing her gaze, the way she looked to him with fear that could hold possible comfort, he decided to beg for her to be revived as a Shadow Knight to Vokun, who obviously accepted due to a soft spot for his younger Kin.

As Nicole was revived, her body was constantly forced through many trials as to prepare her for the life of a Shadow Knight, having then spent a decent amount of her years fearful of even herself. But over a decent amount of time, she began to open up to her surroundings with including a rivalry with Vokun and close friendship with Travis. When Travis had become a Higherup within the Hierarchy of the Shadow Realm, he asked Nicole to become his concubine. Despite her awkward feelings and unease to cope, she begrudgingly agreed. She became much more comfortable with this title over the years, having been his concubine behind and on front doors. During this time was when she first met Kaito Senju and Eito Uchiha who she would soon become decent friends with. Whilst they only spent so much time together, they eventually fell away from knowing each other and spent decades apart from then on.

During her basis of time within the Elder Soteria, she also began to make more friends and reconnect with Kaito and Eito, eventually also meeting Lisa Thomson whom she'd fall in love with soon after their months had been spent together. Despite still remaining as head concubine for Travis, she began to explore her polyamorous ways. She did not form a proper love for Kaito until the near future, however, she was fascinated by Lisa. She spent days upon months in a daze for her, enjoying every moment they could spend together whilst fulfilling the needs of others around her. Eventually, though, she'd begin to fall into a hint of fear that she would miss Lisa. She knew that even if she was reincarnated, the chance that she'd remember Nicole would only grow further way. Due to this fear, she is still heavily close and intimate with her however she drifts away from keeping Lisa completely occupied with herself. It was also during this time that Nicole officially married Travis as his only mistress.

Within her near future, her involvement with Kaito began to grow. It was during this time that Nicole was pushed into her role of Keeping the Void, becoming one of the six Keepers to take the place of a previous. During her promotion, an incident went wrong caused Nicole to be pushed into the Void and forced into a mindset that corrupted and tainted her. Her body was forced to change to accommodate the endless ways of the Void to the point it even damaged her mental capacity. After being successfully retrieved by Kaito and Eito, Nicole began to spend months trying to pull her interest out of the Void, having been told never to go near it again... But despite what she was told, it had corrupted her. Became an addiction, even. And so, Nicole began to experiment with making ways into and out of the Void, throwing ideas around and creating a Void she could successfully wield nothing into something. From the pure air that barely even existed in the Void, she made ways to transmute into portals, disease, corruption and further. She was granted these Abilities from her ideals, although she was forced to give up few of her precious Shadow Knight relics and skills for it.

She'd successfully had a child with Kaito after an incident gone wrong with an unplanned pregnancy, somehow managing to cause her body to give birth despite its wrecked form. The child grew up alongside Nicole and Kaito, that was until Kaito found out of what Nicole was doing. After he learned and began to shame her for her experiments with the Void, she snapped and finally lost her cool with him. This caused her to gravitate toward Travis once more, her odd taste for Kaito growing whilst her insanity did as well. With the Void having almost completely corrupted Nicole's mind, it was only a matter of time until she'd completely lose herself from her family, friends, and anyone who loved her.