Neo Akazuli

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Neo Akazuli
Neo Akazuli
Played by: User:JumpingScript
Height: 1.90 Metres
Weight: Heavy
Gender: Male
Race: AI
Age: 68
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: White
Figure: Muscular
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
MSAI of Starbase Pandora
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Neo is a cold-hearted soldier. He is very responsible and often values the mission higher than his own good. Due to the high stakes his missions have, he demands perfection from himself and his subordinates. Failure to meet his high demands are met with fair punishment; he does not leave margin for errors. Although he allows personal interpretation and independent execution when following his orders, the results matter to them very much. If a subordinate does something their way, it has to be as good as the results his order would have brought. He treats capable individuals including crewmembers who proved themselves to be reliable, with trust and and respect, going as far as requesting their input for decisions that would affect them.


MSAI Related Abilities

Neo Akazuli is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.

Neo is also now capable of effectively handling multiple tasks within his processing for at the same time, allowing him to manage the stations systems while interacting with friends and colleagues. He can also turn his full processing power to his work, allowing him to complete complex operations faster. He is also in charge of managing all of the automated systems of the station.

Special Skills

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Tactical Knowlegde
  • Covert Operations with 5 or less participants
  • Use of Assault Rifles / Pistols of Any Kind
  • Interrogation
  • MMA skills (beat-and-flee, no open fights)


He joined the army of his home world, Taeria, at the age of 18 as a doctor, just wanted to help people staying alive. But because of some strange conditions, he had to fight for his life, and turned into a hero and a paragon.

That's where he got his title from. A video recorded by a surveillance camera showed, that he walks towards the threat and killed it, not taking cover. From there, his friends and enemies began to call him "Walker". Unluckily, he had to be turned into a cyborg, because of serious inner injuries, a destroyed arm and a destroyed left leg, at the age of 20. After that, he served in the military in covered ops, and he did lead his own squad. His daughter was born during this time. Then, as soon as a position in the command staff got free, he got promoted to a Tactical Officer and was responsible for a few successful operations. But then, his enemies, the Xoutor, caught him during a covert operation, tortured him, damaged most of his armors systems, and left him in a capsule to die. The operation was classified, that's why no one but the admirality knew what happened to him. Of course, there were attempts to find him, but they surrendered, every single squad. Only one person continued and finally found him: His daughter Audrey Akazuli. A vessel rescued him, and repaired him, after he lost his orientation to get home.

Solas Tempus

Formerly Neo was the Commanding Officer of Serenity Station and Lead Temporal Operative of the Schatten Sector until his death 7:52 am on 3/11/2386.

After a month on the station he joined Solas Tempus, quickly he rose the ranks from Lt. Commander, to Commander, and finally to Captain. He is the leader of the a small unit of Temporal Operatives consisting of Mike-037 and Fi (CT-51/54), although since the death of Fi there is an opening on the team that has yet to be filled. Assigned originally to the Vertigo under command of Lance Thomas, when the Vertigo was destroyed he was assigned to the Ishtar. However, after that ship was destroyed he was not assigned to the next vessel under the command of Lance Thomas but rather, promoted to the C.O. of Blazing Umbra Station. He is also still assigned to the Pollux (NCC-29519) and therefore to the USS Lilith (NCC-27199-C) for the purposes of being a Temporal Operative. After destruction of Blazing Umbra Station, he got assigned to Serenity Station in the role of the Commanding Officer.

After he and his team managed to save the Universe as played in this rp, he was slated to obtain the Distinguished Service Medal and the Solas Tempus Cross.

Neo died after suffering a stroke which lead to a complete collapse of his circulatory system within the brain, depriving his brain of blood flow. Death occurred at 7:52 am on 3/11/2386.

Some time after his death an AI synaptic image was found in the computer database relating to a project at the Phantasm Lab on Soteria by Lance Thomas and Mike-037. This AI was extensive, containing a full synaptic image of Neo from which to base the recording on. Once unlocked from the confines of the recorded dialog about the laboratory, the AI was able to recompile itself into a fully functional AI. After this this new AI version of Neo took on a position as the Master Systems AI for Nimbus Station, later being reassigned to Starbase Pandora. As a MSAI Neo is still a Temporal Operative but no longer is in a lead position within the system, as his duties require him to be able to communicate with Starbase Pandora at any given time.


Over time, he has built himself two sets of equipment.


His armor has been refitted to equal to the Class 1M Combat Armor.


Combat Loadout

Covert Operations Loadout

SAR-PT Rifle


The SAR-PT Covert Operations Rifle is a weapon especially designed for covert operations and purposes of surgical operations ordered by the military. It is a prototype weapon designed, manufactured and tested by the Taerian military. Its special ability, switching between projectile based ammunition and energy based shots, grants it a high amount of positive feedback within the military.


Energy beams are fired in full-auto setting.


The weapon fires a beam, which ionizes the air and creates a plasma channel between the weapon and its target. Upon hit, the weapon decomposes the object around the hit spot, creating a little hole, like from a average gunshot. A fraction of a second after the beam hit and the plasma channel is created, it sends a powerful electric current through the channel, basically acting like a long-range variant of a taser. The lightnings sonic boom is surpressed through a special extension in the gun.


The weapon uses a cartilage to store ammunition, each clip contains 200 rounds. The standart rounds are at 2 mm x 12 mm tapered at the base, to a point at the nose. They are composed with a depleted uranium core, with an iron coating.


These Modes only affect the Projectile-Mode of the SAR-PT.

Single Shot Mode.
Burst Fire (3 round burst)

Midnight Eclipse

Midnight Eclipse.jpg
Maximum Crew
1 pilot
Cruising Speed
Warp 4
Maximum Speed
Warp 5

The Midnight Eclipse is a Scalpel-Class fighter. The Scalpel-Class is a series of covert-operations oriented fighters, produced and used by the Taerian military.

Offensive Systems

  • 3 Phaser Emitters
  • Mining Laser

Defensive Systems

  • Phasing Cloak
  • Holographic Emitters
  • Energy Signature Manipulation System