Laurena Bowells

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Laurena Bowells
Laurena Bowells.png
Laurena Bowells
Played by: Bucket
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 194 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 31
Date of Birth: March 10th
Place of Birth: New York City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Universe of Origin: Star Trek
Occupation: Ship Captain
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Category: 1
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Laurena is a strict, but kind Starfleet officer. She enjoys painting, and holds herself and her crew to high standards. She enjoys the company of others, though she prefers listening rather than talking.

Special Skills

Special Abilities



She lived a generally normal life on Earth, she began showing potential as a ship’s captain, and applied for Starfleet Academy at age 18. She graduated at the top of her class, and was put in the bridge crew as a tactical officer of the USS Swift Retribution, a Miranda class. From there, she continued to climb the ladder from there, reaching the rank of Commander and being put in command of the USS Apollo’s Light. She was sent to Schatten keep an eye on Solus Tempus after they lost Megan, a fellow Starfleet officer.