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Lance Alasdair Thomas
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Cyclops
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lb.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: May 7th, 2327
Eye Color: Hazel Eyes
Hair Color: Brown
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
CO of STV Rautha Skathi
CO of STV Dragons Fire
Rank / Skill Level: Fleet Admiral
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra
Favorite Song
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash
Life Motto
"Saevus sit tempus, sed fila eius ad triumphum meum torquebo!"
—Lance Thomas
(Time may be cruel, but I'll twist its threads to serve my triumph!)

Lance Thomas is a complex individual, shaped by a life marked by significant relationships, personal loss, and a relentless pursuit of his objectives. His experiences have forged him into a man of determination and resilience, but also one who carries the weight of his past with a deep sense of introspection. Lance's personality is characterized by a strong need for control, likely a response to the numerous instances of loss and upheaval in his life. This need extends to both his personal and professional realms, manifesting as a dominant presence in his relationships and a decisive leader in his work. His past as a spy has honed his ability to navigate complex situations with a cool head and a strategic mind, often pushing boundaries to achieve his goals.

Beneath his assertive exterior lies a man deeply affected by his past. The loss of his first wife, Candy Poole, and their unborn child, as well as the abrupt end of his marriage to Drem Confoscho, have left indelible marks on his psyche. These experiences have instilled in him a profound understanding of the fragility of life and relationships, leading to a constant struggle with guilt and self-blame. Despite these challenges, Lance has found a measure of peace in his current marriage to Kaylanna Ravel. Their unique power dynamic, with Lance as the dominant partner and Kaylanna as the submissive, provides a structure that satisfies his need for control while also fostering a deep bond of trust and mutual respect. The birth of their twin daughters, Ember Idalia Thomas and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas, has added a new dimension of love and responsibility to his life, softening his edges and bringing out a kindness and gentleness that were previously overshadowed by his more assertive traits.

Lance's journey towards self-forgiveness and healing is ongoing. He continues to grapple with the scars of his past while also embracing the joys of his present. His family, his work, and his personal growth are all intertwined, each shaping the man he is today - a man of strength, resilience, and a newfound capacity for love and kindness. Yet, the spy within him remains, ever ready to do whatever it takes to protect those he holds dear and achieve his objectives.

Other Affiliations

Special Abilities

Lance Thomas possesses a unique set of innate abilities and cybernetic enhancements that significantly augment his physical and mental capabilities. One of his innate abilities is the control of electromagnetic fields. This ability allows him to manipulate and interact with electromagnetic phenomena, providing him with a versatile tool in various situations. Additionally, Lance has the ability of Temporal Aging, a rare and complex trait that affects his perception and interaction with time.

In addition to his innate abilities, Lance has been outfitted with a series of cybernetic implants that further enhance his capabilities. His Multi-Optic Eye provides him with a range of visual modes, including infrared and ultraviolet, enabling him to perceive his environment in ways beyond human capacity. His Positronic Enhancements augment his cognitive functions, improving his processing speed, memory, and analytical abilities. To complement his mental enhancements, Lance also possesses Enhanced Dexterity and Strength, allowing him to perform physical tasks with superior precision and power. Lastly, his Reflex Reorder implant enhances his reaction times, providing him with a crucial edge in high-stakes or combat situations. Together, these abilities and enhancements make Lance a formidable individual, capable of extraordinary feats.

Innate Abilities

Cybernetic Implants

Solar Crystal Ring

Grants him the ability to control all forms of energy to a high degree (4A), he can manipulate energy, alter its shape, or convert from one kind of energy to another. This includes magical energy as well as psionic energy using the ring. He can also manipulate the energy the makes up matter in a destructive way (stealing energy from matter causes it to weaken or disintegrate) to a lesser degree than with other forms of energy (4C).


Lance Thomas is a highly skilled individual with a diverse set of abilities that span across various fields. His primary skills include Piloting, Special Weapons, Covert Operations, and Survival. These skills make him an adept pilot, a proficient handler of specialized weaponry, an expert in covert operations, and a survivalist capable of enduring harsh conditions.

In addition to his primary skills, Lance also possesses a range of secondary skills that contribute to his work in Solas Tempus. These include High Energy Physics, Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering, Warp Field Theory, and Subspace Particle Theory. His understanding of these complex scientific and engineering disciplines, although not at an expert level, is substantial and often proves useful in his operations.

Beyond his primary and secondary skills, Lance has also developed a set of other skills. He is competent in Basic Engineering and Maintenance, and has a knack for Jury-rigging. These skills allow him to perform essential maintenance tasks and improvise solutions in critical situations. Interestingly, Lance also possesses a skill in Hair Dressing, a testament to his diverse range of interests and abilities.

Primary Skills

  • Piloting (2A)
  • Special weapons (2A)
  • Covert operations (2A)
  • Survival (2A)

Secondary Skills

  • High energy physics (1C)
  • Plasma physics (1C)
  • Electrical engineering (1B)
  • Warp field theory (1B)
  • Subspace particle theory (1B)

Other Skills

  • Basic Engineering / Maintenance (1A)
  • Jury-rigging (1A)
  • Hair Dressing (4C)

Equipment Notes

He occasionally carries a pirate saber with him, when appropriate since obtaining the sword on a mission to the distant Earth past aboard a pirate ship. He has always liked it and decided to keep it and thus has made it part of his dress uniform, tough he is the only officer who uses it to his knowledge.

In another mission to the American West on Earth he was required to obtain a bullwhip from a local merchant, the whip is of high quality and he brought it back with him. It usually sits in his quarters as a decorative piece, but occasionally sees use for various purposes.

Similarly he obtained a flintlock in a dual aboard a British naval vessel when contesting for command of the vessel trying to avoid a catastrophe that would have sent ripples of alterations through the timeline.

Along with these historical items he also carries with him a Solar Crystal bound to him and set in his Starfleet Academy class ring. It is a deep flawless sapphire blue.

When appropriate he is also known to carry a .50 caliber, 5 round, S&W 500 from the early 21st century Earth, the large ammunition allows him to put specialized rounds that represent higher technology than the pistol appears to possess. This is often used when he needs to be armed when in that time period.


Lance possesses a SPERO, a Sputnik Support Robot (SSR) produced by Excalibur Inc. that serves as a personal service companion bot. This versatile device functions as a mobile data storage, communication tool, and general computer interface. It is also utilized in various industrial applications, such as detecting safety hazards and providing autonomous security. The SPERO primarily employs holography for its output interface and voice commands for input, although alternative methods are also possible.

Although Lance appreciates the capabilities of his SPERO, he often forgets to utilize it, resulting in infrequent use. Generally, Lance employs the device to obtain simple yes or no answers. However, he maintains a data link with the SPERO, utilizing it as external storage or an additional data processor when needed. Despite his occasional neglect, Lance does hold a positive opinion of the SPERO.


Lance has a number of residences due to his work:

Trocara House

This is by all rights Lance's primary residence when not in space. Though it can go very long spans without ever being used, there is a small staff to upkeep the house and the grounds while he is away, that also makes sure the house is stocked and ready for him should he call ahead to say he's going to be there. The grounds themselves span about an acre of land, the house sits in the middle of it. The grounds have a variety of gardens and water features, not shown on the map below.


Soteria Beach House Layout

This home sits on Dehka Island (the main body for the Dehka Islands chain). The house sits right on the beach, with the covered patio going down right onto the sand.



Squash Dog

Lance has a pet dog, a Queensland Heeler that followed him back to his ship one day on a mission to 2012 in the western United States on Earth. The dog just seemed to attach itself to him and invite himself into Lance's life. No one can really say why, but to this day the dog, named Squash, and Lance travel together quite a bit. Trained in several different categories, Lance has taught the dog to respond to whistles and hand signals, in addition to the normal command words. Squash is very smart, for a dog, and has a communicator and tracking device attached to his collar.


Lance Thomas, born in California on Earth in 2322, was shaped by his family's love for knowledge and exploration. His parents, Richard and Elaine, were teachers who nurtured his curiosity about the universe, while his sister, Lisa, shared a close bond with him despite their different life paths.

At 18, Lance joined Starfleet Academy and quickly distinguished himself, leading to his recruitment by Section 31 in 2348. A tragic accident that year resulted in extensive bodily and brain damage, which Section 31 repaired using cybernetics. Subsequently, Lance was declared officially dead and thrust into a covert lifestyle, carrying out clandestine operations and rising to the rank of Captain.

Lance's personal life was marked by significant relationships. His first marriage to Candy Poole, a fellow officer in Solas Tempus, ended tragically with the loss of their unborn child. A subsequent marriage to Drem Confoscho, an elf, was challenged by cultural differences and ended abruptly when Drem disappeared. Eventually, Lance found solace in Kaylanna Ravel, a skilled medical professional. Their relationship, marked by a unique power exchange dynamic, led to the birth of twin daughters, Ember Idalia and Eliane Fiammetta.

In his professional life, Lance was involved in a covert time travel project with Section 31, which raised his suspicions. Despite the challenges and losses, Lance's journey through time, space, and personal growth continues, driven by his enduring quest for knowledge and understanding.


Lance Thomas was born into a family of modest means in California, Earth. His parents, Richard and Elaine Thomas, were both teachers who instilled in their son a love for exploration and a desire to make a difference in the world. Richard was a history teacher who often regaled young Lance with stories of Earth's past, sparking his interest in time and history. Elaine, a science teacher, nurtured Lance's curiosity about the universe and the laws that govern it.

Lance also had a younger sister, Lisa Thomas, who chose a different path and became a renowned journalist on Earth. Despite their different career paths, Lance and Lisa shared a close bond, and Lisa's investigative skills often proved useful in Lance's covert operations.


Lance's relationship with his parents, Richard and Elaine Thomas, was a complex tapestry of admiration, inspiration, and a persistent sense of inadequacy. Both educators, Richard and Elaine instilled in Lance a deep appreciation for knowledge and exploration. Richard's tales of Earth's history sparked Lance's interest in time, while Elaine's adventurous spirit and scientific curiosity nurtured his fascination with the universe. Despite their unwavering support, Lance often felt like a misfit, grappling with feelings of being too ordinary amidst his parents' extraordinary passions. This internal struggle, coupled with the tragic loss of his parents, shaped Lance's character and career path, guiding him towards his destiny in Solas Tempus and instilling in him a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep commitment to protecting the Federation and its citizens.

Richard Thomas
Richard was a history teacher with a passion for the past. He was a kind and patient man who loved to share stories of Earth's history with his son. Richard's tales of historical events and figures sparked Lance's interest in time and history, which later played a significant role in his career with Solas Tempus. Richard passed away in 2350, but his influence continues to guide Lance.
Elaine Thomas
Elaine was a science teacher who nurtured Lance's curiosity about the universe. She was a strong and independent woman who encouraged Lance to question the world around him and seek answers. Elaine's influence played a significant role in Lance's decision to join Starfleet Academy and his subsequent career in Starfleet. Tragically, Elaine passed away in 2361 when she slipped and fell from the mountain El Capitan on Earth. She was attempting to break the free climbing record, which she did just before losing her grip. Her adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of her goals continue to inspire Lance in his own endeavors.

Sibling - Lisa Thomas

Lisa was Lance's younger sister and a renowned journalist on Earth. Despite their different career paths, Lance and Lisa shared a close bond. Lisa's investigative skills often proved useful in Lance's covert operations, and she provided him with valuable information on several occasions. Lisa was aware of Lance's work with Section 31 and supported him, although she worried about the risks he took. Lance always suspected that Lisa knew he was alive, despite his official status as deceased. He thought he spotted her a few times while he was on Earth at Starfleet Headquarters, but whenever he tried to find her, she was nowhere to be found. She never contacted him, and Lance deeply regrets not being able to reconnect with her. Lisa passed away in a tragic accident on Lake Shasta in California in 2378. She never married and spent her life traveling the galaxy, living life on her own terms.

Family Separation

After Lance's tragic accident in 2348 and his subsequent recruitment into Section 31, he was forced to sever ties with his family. By the time he was able to reconnect, they had moved on with their lives, having come to terms with his absence. Lance chose not to disrupt their newfound peace, especially since they had already grieved and accepted his supposed death. This decision, while painful, was made out of love and respect for his family's wellbeing. As a result, Lance has not seen his family since he joined Section 31, living with the knowledge that they believe him to be dead. This separation from his family is a constant reminder of the sacrifices he has made in his commitment to protect the Federation and its citizens.


Lance Thomas' personal life has been a complex tapestry of relationships, each leaving an indelible mark on his journey and shaping his character in profound ways. His first marriage to Candy Poole, a fellow officer in Solas Tempus, was a tempestuous union of shared passion and determination. However, it was also fraught with emotional struggles, culminating in the tragic loss of their unborn child due to a mission-related injury. This devastating event led to the dissolution of their marriage. Despite the pain and resentment, their shared love endured, and they maintained a professional relationship within Solas Tempus until Candy's untimely death in a shuttle accident.

In 2380, Lance entered into a brief but significant marriage with Drem Confoscho, an elf. Their union was marked by cultural differences and the complexities of Drem's youthful age by Elvish standards. As Drem matured and evolved, growing into her own person, they gradually drifted apart. Despite the difficulties, Lance found joy in witnessing her transformation, even as it led them to grow apart. Their marriage ended abruptly and unexpectedly when Drem vanished without a trace, leaving Lance to grapple with the sudden loss and the regret of their unfulfilled potential.

In the aftermath of his tumultuous marriages to Candy and Drem, Lance found solace and connection in Kaylanna Ravel, a skilled medical professional. Their relationship evolved into a profound and intimate bond, marked by a unique power exchange dynamic. This dynamic, characterized by Lance's role as the dominant partner and Kaylanna's submissive nature, extended beyond their personal lives, permeating their professional realm as Kaylanna served as the dedicated Chief Medical Officer aboard Lance's flagship, the STV Rautha Skathi. Their union was further blessed with the birth of twin daughters, Ember Idalia Thomas and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas, adding a new dimension of love and responsibility to their lives.

These relationships, marked by love, loss, and personal growth, have significantly shaped Lance's life. They have taught him the value of love and trust, the pain of loss, and the importance of cherishing every moment with those he loves. His journey toward self-forgiveness and healing is an ongoing process, one that he navigates with the support of his family, drawing strength from the lessons learned and embracing the profound joys that his twin daughters bring into his life.

First Marriage - Candy Poole

His first wife, Candy Poole, was a fellow officer in Solas Tempus. Their marriage was a tempestuous union, fueled by shared passion, determination, and Lance's struggle with his emotions. Their relationship faced a turning point when Candy, pregnant and unwavering in her commitment to her duties, was injured on a mission that Lance had reluctantly authorized. The resulting miscarriage cast an irreparable shadow over their marriage, leading to its dissolution. Despite the pain and resentment, their shared love endured, and they maintained a professional relationship within Solas Tempus until Candy's untimely death in a shuttle accident.

The devastating loss of their unborn child served as a painful chapter in Lance's life, haunting him with deep remorse and self-blame. This experience fueled his commitment to protect his family, driving him to create a safe and nurturing environment for his future children.

Second Marriage - Drem Confoscho

Lance's relationship with Drem Confoscho was a complex and multifaceted one, beginning under unusual circumstances. Drem was the daughter of two crewmates from the USS Rising Sun, a ship that Lance and his crew joined after leaving Section 31. Tragically, Drem's younger sister died at the tender age of three, and the entire ship's crew, including Lance, stepped in to help raise her.

This unique arrangement fostered a deep bond between Lance and Drem, a mix of paternal instinct and admiration for her beauty, grace, and inherent strength. As Drem grew older, Lance's feelings began to shift. He found himself increasingly drawn to her as an adult, despite the lingering traces of the fatherly role he had once played in her life. Their courtship was a whirlwind of emotions, marked by intense passion and frequent clashes due to Drem's youthful demeanor.

Lance, however, was oblivious to the fact that Drem, being an elf, was not considered mature by her species' standards. This realization came as a shock to him, and he blamed himself for not recognizing it sooner. He worried that his ignorance might have caused her harm, a thought that weighed heavily on his conscience. Once he understood the implications of Drem's Elvish heritage and her extended lifespan, Lance attempted to shift their relationship dynamics. He tried to revert to a more mentor-like role, hoping to guide her through her prolonged maturation process. However, this transition was far from smooth, and their relationship began to strain under the pressure.

The tension between them grew, and they gradually drifted apart. Despite their best efforts to salvage their relationship, the gap widened until Drem vanished without a trace in 2382, marking an abrupt and unexpected end to their marriage. Lance was left grappling with the sudden loss and the regret of their unfulfilled potential, a poignant reminder of the complexities of interspecies relationships and the challenges of navigating cultural differences.

Third Marriage - Kaylanna Ravel

On June 1st, 2386, following the investigation into the death of his mentor Jenny Rebecca Courter, Lance found solace and connection in a skilled medical professional, Kaylanna Ravel. Their relationship evolved into a profound and intimate bond, marked by a unique power exchange dynamic. Lance, assuming the role of the dominant partner or "Master," and Kaylanna, embracing her submissive nature, navigated their relationship with love, trust, and mutual respect. This dynamic extended beyond their personal lives, permeating their professional realm as Kaylanna served as the dedicated Chief Medical Officer aboard Lance's flagship, the STV Rautha Skathi. Their union was further blessed with the birth of twin daughters, Ember Idalia Thomas and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas, adding a new dimension of love and responsibility to their lives.

Lance's journey toward self-forgiveness and healing is an ongoing process, one that he navigates with the support of his family, drawing strength from the lessons learned and embracing the profound joys that his twin daughters bring into his life.


In 2386, Lance and Kaylanna's bond deepened with the birth of their twin daughters, Ember Idalia and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas. Their names, symbolizing fire, were chosen to mirror their vibrant red hair and the bright spark of curiosity they inherited from their parents. Elaine's name, a tribute to Lance's late mother, carried forward a legacy of strength and independence. Despite the demanding nature of his work, Lance was a devoted father, cherishing every moment with his daughters and fostering their intelligence and curiosity about the universe. However, their lives took an unexpected turn in 2387 when a temporal anomaly at the event horizon of a black hole accelerated the girls' aging process during a mission on the STV Rautha Skathi. Despite their young chronological age, they held memories and experiences far beyond their years, adding a unique complexity to their upbringing. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of their roles within Solas Tempus, Lance's family became his cherished source of support and grounding, offering solace and a sense of stability.

Early Starfleet Career

One of his first postings after graduation in 2345 was assigned to one of the lesser used space-docks in far Earth orbit, monitoring traffic in the graveyard shift. The job was very slow and frequently he and another person posted there would count space-junk that floated by trying to predict how many objects they would see. The pair would also make up short narratives about how particular pieces of junk got into space and why it was floating out there.

Before the Accident

Lance Thomas joins Starfleet Academy, driven by his passion for exploration and desire to make a difference in the galaxy. He excels in his studies and demonstrates exceptional skills in leadership and problem-solving.
Lance undergoes intensive training at Starfleet Academy, immersing himself in various disciplines such as starship operations, tactical maneuvers, and diplomatic protocols. He distinguishes himself as a capable and promising cadet.
Lance's dedication and outstanding performance earn him commendations from his instructors and fellow cadets. He establishes a reputation for his resourcefulness, adaptability, and ability to remain calm under pressure.
As a newly commissioned officer, Lance embarks on his first assignment. However, tragedy strikes when he is involved in a devastating accident that leaves him critically injured. The incident results in severe damage to his body and even parts of his brain.
In an effort to save Lance's life, Section 31, a covert intelligence agency within Starfleet, steps in. They intervene to repair the damage using cybernetics, replacing damaged limbs and implementing advanced technologies to restore his physical functions.

It is in 2348 that Section 31 officially lists Lance as deceased, effectively erasing his existence from official records. They manipulate his identity to mask his involvement with the agency and put him on a new path—one of secrecy, espionage, and covert operations.

Lance's near-death experience and subsequent cybernetic enhancements mark a turning point in his life. He emerges from the ordeal as a changed individual, both physically and mentally, ready to embrace a covert lifestyle as an operative for Section 31.

Origins of Solas Tempus / Blue Team

Everything started to change for the newly formed team. The scientists reported that the main computer libraries were requiring too many updates, and updates for established historical events. After doing a lot of off-the-books research, it was discovered that events being observed by the team were being altered by another force. Not only that, but evidence suggested that other events were being altered, then changed back. The only conclusion was two opposing forces were fighting to control past events. They were ordered off the project when Thomas started to ask questions.

This turn of events eventually lead to a good portion of the team going AWOL, culminating when Section 31 admitted to starting a temporal conflict, altering events from the past for covert benefit of Section 31 interest. The conflict arose from a reportedly unknown force opposing some of the Section 31 alterations - but not all. It is still unknown exactly what Thomas said or did to Section 31 to both secure their temporal operations and allow the team to go AWOL without repercussions.

Career with Section 31

Lance Thomas joined Section 31 in 2349 and underwent extensive covert operations training. He excelled in his studies and training, catching the attention of Section 31. From 2356 to 2359, Lance carried out covert operations, including surveillance, espionage, and targeted assassinations. However, in 2360, he began questioning the morality of Section 31's actions and decided to expose their covert temporal manipulation and altered historical events. In 2362, Lance and like-minded individuals went AWOL from Starfleet, forming their own organization, Solas Tempus.

Lance Thomas joins Section 31.
Lance undergoes basic covert operations training and completes various courses in tactics, intelligence gathering, and combat.
Lance Thomas continues his studies at Starfleet Academy becoming a specialist in various subjects related to tactics, intelligence gathering, and combat. He is chosen to participate in a special covert operations training program.
Lance completes an intensive covert operations training program, which includes advanced combat techniques, espionage tactics, infiltration and extraction methods, and advanced surveillance techniques. His exceptional performance during this training catches the attention of Section 31.
Lance carries out a series of covert operations for Section 31. These operations involve surveillance, espionage, and targeted assassinations to advance Section 31's agenda.
Lance begins to question the morally ambiguous actions of Section 31. He becomes disillusioned with their methods and realizes the need to expose their activities.
Lance gathers evidence of Section 31's covert temporal manipulation and altered historical events. He shares his findings with trusted allies within Starfleet, raising concerns about Section 31's actions.
Lance, along with a group of like-minded individuals, decides to go AWOL from Starfleet and form their own organization, which will eventually become Solas Tempus.

Formation of Solas Tempus

With their trust in Section 31 shattered and a shared desire to expose their dark agenda, Lance Thomas and his small team took a daring and audacious step. Commandeering the USS Rising Sun, they went AWOL from Starfleet, effectively severing their ties with the organization that had been infiltrated by Section 31.

Using their extensive knowledge of covert operations, Lance and his team skillfully eluded Starfleet pursuit, leveraging their covert tactics to stay one step ahead. Their actions sent shockwaves through the intelligence community, leaving Section 31 in a state of uncertainty.

As Lance and his team operated in the shadows, they began to lay the foundation for what would eventually become Solas Tempus. Recognizing the need for a united front against Section 31 and other threats, they sought to create an organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of the timeline and defending the innocent.

In this new endeavor, Lance found himself becoming even more deeply involved with his subordinate, Candy Poole. Recognizing her exceptional skills and leadership qualities, Lance promoted Candy from Commander to Captain, entrusting her with significant responsibilities within the budding organization. However, tensions soon emerged as the two leaders had differing perspectives on how to organize and structure the growing group. They clashed over matters of strategy, chain of command, and the overall direction of Solas Tempus.

As Solas Tempus continued to expand, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds and skill sets, Lance realized the need to relinquish ultimate control over the organization. He made the decision to step back and focus on leading the temporal action arm of Solas Tempus, known as "Blue Team," leveraging his expertise in time travel and temporal operations.

Meanwhile, Candy assumed the role of the organization's overall leader, outranking Lance as Fleet Admiral. Despite their differences, they recognized the importance of unity and collaboration in the face of a common enemy. Lance's expertise in temporal operations complemented Candy's strategic vision, allowing them to work together in safeguarding the timeline and leading Solas Tempus.

Together, they forged a formidable alliance, bringing together a diverse group of individuals committed to upholding justice and protecting the integrity of the spacetime continuum. Solas Tempus stood as a beacon of hope and resilience, dedicated to countering Section 31's machinations and ensuring a better future for all.

Propulsion Accident

Using the USS Rising Sun as a test bed for new technologies, Admiral Thomas personally oversaw a critical test of a prototype drive system that would eventually become the Gravitational Displacement Drive (GDD), a centerpiece of the organization's time protection efforts. However, during the test, an unforeseen malfunction occurred, resulting in the Rising Sun being displaced by trillions of light-years and ending up in an entirely different galaxy.

Stranded and damaged, the vessel sent out a general distress call, which was answered by a Super Star Destroyer, the flagship of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy. While initially believed to have been destroyed with the loss of all hands, Captain Sal D'Amico, then in command of the Rising Sun, refused to abandon the search for Admiral Thomas.

Once aboard the Imperial vessel, Lance encountered Natashia, the Empress of the Galactic Empire, who commanded the ship at the time. Showing unexpected compassion, Natashia took in the stranded crew of the Rising Sun, providing them with supplies and assistance as they worked together to find a way back home. During their time together, Admiral Thomas and the Empress found themselves drawn to each other, forming a connection that grew rapidly.

However, unknown to Lance, the Empress issued covert orders for the crew of the Rising Sun to be eliminated, intending to attribute their deaths to a failure of the damaged ship's propulsion system. The crew began to suspect the situation was more precarious when unauthorized Imperial personnel, including engineers and troopers, were discovered aboard their ship.

Realizing the peril they faced, Admiral Thomas commanded a covert incursion by members of his crew onto the Imperial vessel, seeking to uncover Natashia's true intentions. Leveraging the Empire's unfamiliarity with transporter technology, Lance was able to extract his crew members swiftly once they were detected. Despite his growing affection for the Empress, Lance knew he could not overlook the dire circumstances. His priority was to return his crew home, and he refused to remain under the Empire's control.

Equipped with another prototype drive system, the Gravitational Displacement Drive (GDD), aboard the Rising Sun, Lance decided to take decisive action. As tensions reached a breaking point, the Imperial vessel attempted to employ an interdictor field generator to trap the Rising Sun, creating an intense artificial gravity well. In response, Admiral Thomas activated the GDD, utilizing a gravity well to initiate a jump through space, a feat that had never been tested on a scale larger than a light-year.

The resulting maneuver proved devastating. The gravitational displacement generated by the Rising Sun crushed and destroyed the Super Star Destroyer from within its own hangar bay. Though Lance knows that Natashia survived, they have not communicated since. Captain D'Amico managed to recover the damaged Rising Sun in an uncharted system along its original flight path, with failing life support but with all hands intact.

Rumors persist that Admiral Thomas retains the precise settings required to use the GDD and potentially return to the uncharted galaxy where Natashia originates. However, he has refrained from doing so thus far. In 2381, a modulated subspace signal was transmitted from a Solas Tempus-owned space telescope directed at Natashia's galaxy. The contents of the signal remain unknown, as no official record of its transmission exists, except for an anomaly in the telescope array's transmission logs.

It is important to note that Natashia's actions should be viewed as a product of the tyrannical system she operates within, rather than depicting her as inherently evil. Both Lance and Natashia, products of their respective systems, found a deep connection due to their shared experiences and perspectives.

Summary of Time with Solas Tempus

Year(s) Operation Name Description
2360 / 1869 Operation Iron Fistn One of Lance's earliest missions involved detecting an aberrant temporal signature in 1869. To avoid detection, Lance and his small team decided to forego technological disguises and instead blend in using non-technological means. After weeks of searching, they located the source of the signature and secured the technology responsible. Further investigation led them to India in the same year, where they apprehended an individual from the future who had unintentionally traveled back in time and was using advanced technology to amass power. The individual was brought back to the present for legal proceedings.
2360 / 1895 Operation Thunderstrike Tasked with observing a potential target in 1895 London, Lance obtained a gold locket from a street merchant to maintain his cover while tailing the suspect. The mission was successful in exposing the enemy agent before their plans could be carried out. Unfortunately, the agent committed suicide while in custody, providing no further information.
2364 / 1968 Operation Blackout Sent on a surveillance mission to 1968 Earth, Lance was tasked with infiltrating a gang organization suspected of using advanced technology from the future. Unable to infiltrate conventionally, he learned to be a hairdresser and gained access to the gang leaders' wives, listening for clues. The mission succeeded, and the gang's aberrant technology was recovered.
2369 / 1985 Operation Phantom Shield Lance elected to go on a mission to 1985 New York City to recover an artifact of unknown origin. Disguised as a cross-dressing diva, he joined a club where the artifact was located. Despite encountering difficulties in retrieving the artifact, Lance managed to replace it with a replica and performed one final show before returning home.
2377 / 2020 Operation Chronos Veil In the midst of the 2020 global pandemic, Lance and his team are tasked with investigating an alarming temporal anomaly. The anomaly suggests the presence of an individual from a different timeline who is manipulating events, potentially escalating the already severe crisis. To blend seamlessly into this chaotic and challenging setting, Lance assumes the role of a head nurse at a local hospital overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.
2378-2379 Operation Eagle's Eye In 2378, Lance brought a girl named Mia Appleshire from the mid-21st century, causing tension within the PERDOC council. Mia's death in 2379, resulting from the near-destruction of the STV Vertigo during an Infinity Wave incident, led Lance to withdraw from field operations and seek solace at Blazing Umbra Station.
2381 Promotion to Fleet Admiral Following the death of Fleet Admiral Candy Poole in a shuttle accident, Lance was promoted to Fleet Admiral. However, he initially struggled to accept the promotion and cope with Candy's death. During this time, he became involved with Drem Confoscho and Shiro Yasei, which eventually highlighted the need for personal growth and change in his behavior.
2383 Theta Protocol Lance was kidnapped by an imposter while Codename Onyx attempted to undermine Solas Tempus. He was later rescued by Tal Ravis and Nine, but the celebrations were cut short when an Infinity Wave was detected. Lance initiated Theta Protocol, mobilizing all available vessels and assets to the Sol system in 1520.
2385 Operation Steel Serpent Lance Thomas unknowingly fell into a meticulously laid trap, enduring 18 months of captivity at the hands of alternate reality's Imperial forces. Subjected to a medically induced coma and manipulated within an accelerated reality, his rescue by Solas Tempus forces marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey to heal the deep scars left by his traumatic ordeal.
2386 Operation Ghost Recon After receiving a coded message from stating the death of his former mentor Jenny Rebecca Courter, Lance has taken the STV Dragons Fire to investigate what happened.
Operation Steel Serpent

Lance Thomas unknowingly fell into a meticulously laid trap orchestrated by the son of an old friend affiliated with the clandestine group known as the Midnight Riders. Imperial forces hailing from an alternate reality, aligned with the sinister organization Onyx, captured Lance on an icy planet. For a grueling 18 months, he endured captivity, subjected to psychological manipulation and physical confinement. It was a harrowing ordeal, where the boundaries of time and reality blurred, leaving Lance in a state of perpetual torment.

During his captivity, Lance's captors employed insidious methods to extract crucial information from his mind. They resorted to extreme measures, inducing a medically induced coma that allowed them to map the intricate neural pathways of his brain. Their ultimate goal was to unravel the closely guarded secrets of Solas Tempus, particularly the enigmatic Dimensional Fold Drive and the temporal operations of TEMPCOM. In this vulnerable state, Lance's subconscious became a battleground, where his thoughts, memories, and perceptions were manipulated to create a distorted and accelerated reality. Within the fabricated construct, he endured what felt like countless decades of isolation and torment, leaving deep scars on his psyche.

After a daring rescue operation led by Solas Tempus forces, Lance was brought back to safety. However, the wounds inflicted during his captivity ran deep, both physically and mentally. The traumatic experience left him profoundly changed, struggling to reconcile the fragmented pieces of his identity. Months of intensive recovery followed, with Lance engaging in counseling and therapy to navigate the aftermath of his ordeal. Though he managed to resume an official position within Solas Tempus, his closest confidants and allies noticed a marked difference in his demeanor and outlook. The weight of the trauma he endured had left an indelible mark on his soul, forever altering the course of his life and his perception of the world around him.

Operation Ghost Recon

Motivated by a coded message informing him of the death of his former mentor, Jenny Rebecca Courter, Lance Thomas embarks on an intricate and multifaceted investigation aboard the STV Dragons Fire. Venturing into uncharted space, Lance's quest takes him to alien planets and obscure outposts, far removed from the familiar territories of known civilizations.

Each stop along his journey unveils fragments of the enigmatic puzzle surrounding Jenny's demise. Lance's extensive knowledge of her life, garnered through years of mentorship and close association, proves invaluable as he navigates the labyrinthine intricacies of her world. From her various aliases, such as Jenny or Lady J, to her renowned reputation for weaving tales that conceal underlying truths, Lance uncovers a complex tapestry of intrigue.

On these alien worlds, Lance encounters a diverse array of inhabitants, each with their own perspectives on Jenny and the circumstances leading to her death. As he delves deeper into the investigation, Lance grapples with the complexities of her personality, recognizing her fierce loyalty to her chosen family and her unwavering commitment to protecting the innocent. Yet, he also confronts her morally ambiguous nature and the potential psychological issues that colored her actions.

Throughout his odyssey, Lance's determination to uncover the truth remains unwavering. With each revelation, he gains insight into the depths of Jenny's character and the events that led to her untimely demise. At each unknown outpost, Lance unearths new leads, confronts unexpected challenges, and carefully pieces together the fragmented puzzle of her life and death.

Ultimately, as Lance traversed uncharted space in pursuit of justice and closure, he is forced to confront not only the truth about Jenny but also his own perceptions and assumptions. In his relentless search for answers, Lance embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, grappling with the weight of his mentor's legacy and the impact it has had on his own life and career within Solas Tempus.

Trapped by a Black Hole

In a harrowing turn of events in 2387, the STV Rautha Skathi, commanded by Lance Thomas, found itself ensnared at the perilous event horizon of a black hole. A stroke of fate shielded the ship from the black hole's cataclysmic forces, thanks to a formidable temporal force field. Within the confines of this temporal anomaly, time underwent a staggering distortion, warping the very fabric of reality.

As the Rautha Skathi remained trapped in this temporal bubble, the crew experienced a surreal existence. While mere microseconds ticked away outside the vessel, several years elapsed within the protective confines of the force field. The crew found themselves caught in a disorienting tangle of temporal anomalies, where the laws of time and aging were suspended.

The temporal distortion wreaked havoc upon the crew, distorting their experiences of time in unthinkable ways. Some crew members aged rapidly, undergoing an accelerated process that propelled them centuries into the future within a matter of seconds. Others regressed to infancy, their bodies reverting to a state of helpless innocence. Shockingly, a few unfortunate souls vanished entirely, reduced to naught but a cluster of primordial cells.

Among the most striking consequences of this temporal anomaly were Lance Thomas' twin daughters, Ember Idalia Thomas and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas. Caught in the temporal maelstrom, they experienced a bewildering duality of lives. In one existence, they retained vivid memories of being raised aboard the Rautha Skathi for sixteen to seventeen years, alongside their loving parents. Simultaneously, they carried memories of disembarking from the ship, stepping foot into a world that existed outside the temporal anomaly, as if living two distinct lives that coexisted in parallel.

The temporal accident surrounding the STV Rautha Skathi and the subsequent temporal distortions profoundly affected the crew, leaving an indelible mark on their lives and altering their perception of time, reality, and personal identity.