Drem Confoscho (Angelic Sins Variant)

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Drem Confoscho
Drem profile.png
Drem Confoscho
Played by: User:Thatotakugalaxy
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 98 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 29
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Black, Red
Figure: Slender /w toned arms and thighs. Scars across body, large from both sides of chin down to elbows.
Universe of Origin: Angelic Sins Setting
Rank / Skill Level: Extremely High Combat Skills
Low Defensive Skills
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Quiet, Quick to judge and sarcastic, it doesn't seem like it at first, but she did have a heart. Its just died out. Due to what has happened before she is slightly crazy in the head and can't keep herself always wound up.

She puts an act up and acts like a normal, kind person. But really, she doesn’t care, she just wants to be left alone. She’s scared that something will cause her to snap and due to this, she tries to shut herself away from society. Sadly, this does not work when she’s already dug her grave by acting like she cares, causing people to want to talk to her and be near her.

Special Skills

Extremely flexible, After years of being on the run, she's gained free running skills, jumping from large lengths to falling and landing it perfectly.

Special abilities (Magic)

When she is extremely emotional, her eyes change color to show two elements she was born wth, red for fire and blue for water, she does not have good control of either of these and manages to keep herself from lighting these elements, but she can harness them from forcing herself. She has slight control of her powers, meaning she can show small things like fire, or make it rain for a short moment.

Fire shield - Can melt certain items, such as bullets. Cannot melt items larger then 8'9 Feet.

Water shield - Slows down anything that goes in it's path, If it's small such as a fly, it completely stops it, it can give someone enough time to dodge a bullet, but does not have enough power to stop a car.

Whisp - combining water and fire creates smoke which can push Drem extremely quickly, along with her jumping skills, she uses this to jump across roofs and building tops.


As a child, Drem was kept secret of the world and never knew anything of the outside. One day, she ran off further then her parents allowed her and was almost killed by a werewolf. Once her parents saved her, she became curious, and would sneak out ever so often when her parents slept or were busy. She got caught one night and due to her anger that her parents would not tell her a single thing of the world, she accidentally burnt both to death, and this caused so much emotional trauma that she couldn't trust herself, she went on the run and since the age of fifteen, has been exploring and learning what she should've, but was not taught.

As of now, there are ten people left, still after drem. Somehow, they always find her last place, and she never stays in one place at once. She rather move around then try to fight them all on her own. she managed to take two out, but that was all she could do before almost hurting herself in the process of killing them.

She began to slowly gain control of her power at age 21, as she was taught by someone she met, they soon died after being assassinated. she has very little control of these powers, and tries to keep them in control.

At some random point in time, she decided to play around with her original brown hair and permanently got it turned black with red tips, as to cover her identity at the least she could.