Damien Smith

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Damien Smith
Damien Smith
Played by: User:Cyclops
Race: Abnormal Human
Date of Birth: June 14th, 2359
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Occupation: Computer Security Specialist
Information Broker
Category: 2
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Damien has light brown hair, brown eyes. He is reasonably tall (around 5'11") and very thin and lanky, he is not terribly strong either, while he is in shape for his body this leaves him about as strong as one might expect when they see him. He keeps his hair short but rarely puts much more effort than running a comb through it before he is seen by people (and sometimes doesn't even do that). He looks messy but clean, a bit like a kid that got way too excited to dress properly and neatly before going outside to play.


Cybernetic Implants

Engineered Abilities

  • Extreme logical thought
  • Sense electromagnetic change
  • Brain processes compatible for computer interface




Light brown cloth jacket, pants similar to jeans of 20th century.


Damien Smith was the standard hacker, for whatever reason he went for everything he could on computers. If it was digital he did his best to work with it. (Born in June of 2359) on a lunar colony named Armstrong City. Once his skilled reached what he felt were the max, and when he was let loose by his parents, he went into the underground world of computers and at the age of 17 he paid every bit of money he had stolen, saved, traded, or earned to have his DNA mutated and cybernetics installed. By the end of it he had turned himself into the perfect human interface to a computer system. Others had done this before him but unlike many of them, he actually survived and was able to handle the life altering experience of having the body change from within.

That same year, (2366 <-- he was 7?), he started working freelance. A hack for hire. Get into somewhere, get information, and get out before anyone could see. His implants made it easier and his skill made it fun. Many years later, around 2371, and older (though not wiser) Damien Smith took a job to break into one of the most heavily fortified computer systems in the known universe. A starbase called Tranquility orbiting a distant planet called Markab Prime. Unfortunately, he was caught. Rather than be turned over to the authorities he preferred the second option. Work for them and became an agent of Solas Tempus.

This second phase of his life proved to be profitable. His new masters didn't mind him taking side jobs and preferred not to know where he was going so long as he was available. They never asked him to do anything horrible and their jobs led him to even more profitable jobs. Along the way he acquired a special kind of artificial intelligence system called a QUINN AI named Heather to help him out when needed. She could provide any automated support he could think of, and her hologram wasn't bad to look at either. New alliances were plentiful, particularly with an organization called Section 31 which also called on him to do a job or two, here and there. Around 2378 he was called on by Solas Tempus on a special kind of mission. They needed someone to travel back in time, retrieve some critical information, and then return with it. The information had been lost to history and it was imperative to the future that the information be retrieved.

Little did Damien know that they were sending him for more than that. Before long, he found himself looking for some kind of key. This key needed to be kept out of the hands of other time travelers that wanted to use to manipulate the past and change the future. Unable to get out of it, he finally found the key in the hands of a young woman, Alixia Weik a resident of the 22nd century. In the process of getting the key he was faced with a choice, let her die and take the key from her or bring her back to the future with him. He chose not to let someone die who'd been nothing but kind and helpful to him.

The pair soon fell in love. This budding love affair was nearing a peak when Damien was called upon by Section 31 to retrieve information on some ancient artifacts and then wipe that information out of existence. Taking the job proved fatal for Alixia who died tragically before the jobs completion.