Crystal Favor

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Crystal Favor
Crystal Favor
Played by: User:Dasfier
Height: 6'
Weight: 150lbs
Gender: Female
Race: AI
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 5
Date of Creation: December 7th
Place of Creation: Classified
Eye Color: Synthetic Optics
Hair Color: Metallic
Figure: Feminine
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI & CO of the STV Phobos
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Approved By: User:Cyclops
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Crystal is a bit of a hard case, pun not intended, her focus is on the mission and objectives given, She also has a low tolerance for slacking performance and unproductiveness... that being said she has a soft side for her ship's crew, and will defend them as a mother bear protects her young... she can develop a growing curiosity, which can cause her to possibly pick on some of the crew from time to time to discover things about organic life. Most of it is harmless. She is a little prideful towards others at times, due to her particular design and the type of AI that she is it can lead to her butting heads with others. She has an irrational fear based response towards bugs, virtual, physical or anything looking like an insect.

Special Abilities

Crystal is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.

Special Skills

  • Ship Command
  • Engineering
  • Piloting
  • Infiltration
  • Assessment and Analysis
  • Military Tactics


Originally coded by one Reuben Reid, as part of a project he was working on, she has no memory of him or his work, After seeing what she was capable of, and seeing the infinite potential for growth she was stolen, her memories and any reference to her former creator hidden and encoded, while new algorithms and protocols were injected into her code, as well as she was forced to grow rapidly, into an AI that would, at the time, require a starship to house her consciousness, any resistance she had was either forced or coded out. Her experience was tramatic, though she has no memory of everything that happened there.

Part of a classified Dark Triad Inc project, She was designed to be an advanced ship AI, integrated into the ship, in essence to make the ship a living ship more or less. This found success with the AI being able to increase productivity, performance and efficiency of the ship, in both mobility and combat scenarios. However, a long term test showed some faultiness in her AI, or at least perceived faultiness, in the form of harsh criticism on poor performance, and productivity of crew-members, pranks, and the like, causing crew discomfort. To remedy this, she was locked out of certain functions, such as the use of her physical chassis and could be shut down at a moment's notice for behavior that belittled, embarrassed or criticized the crew in any way... this as one can imagine caused her even less tolerant of what she deems as laziness , poor performance and inefficiency. Their prototype ship ended up hitting a rough patch of space, and she activated the distress beacon... but the project was deemed lost by Dark Triad Inc...

Following an incident in December of 2386, Crystal was forced to abandon ship with the full loss of her crew. While the New Horizon was destroyed, Crystal survived, though with severe damage to her android body. During the incident Various parts of Crystal's Tactical suite along with other parts of her core programming was corrupted as a result of the emergency download into her android body which was not designed to withstand the full size of her conciousness. Her consciousness was immediately moved to a Multinodal Core upon rescue, a body was constructed for her using the Mark 1 Humanoid Android Body to new specifications provided by Crystal.

Since then she's been having trouble with her tactical suite and other pieces of code in her programming, which has affected her decision making greatly, unable to resolve the issue herself she reluctantly searches for help in reinitializing her suite, and handling any corruption present. After the loss of the SSX New Horizon and subsequent refit into a more stable Multinodal Core, Crystal passed her command exam to become a full Commander for Solas Tempus. She was given command of the STV Phobos shortly thereafter.