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The content here in the database is geared toward the universe of Solas Tempus and its parts and related projects. This can include a lot of stuff! However, that's not the only information that can be put here. What follows is going to be a set of policies regarding creating and editing content on the Wiki.

Creation of Content

We've set up a series of categories on the Wiki which should give some ideas about where to stash stuff when content is already within the Solas Tempus universe.

Page Names

Think about what you're doing. If it isn't about Solas Tempus but it might apply to any world (such as stats on a 45 revolver) then feel free to use an ambiguous title toward the setting. Something like Colt 45 Revolver would be fine. There aren't very many ways to really consider it.


Except if your page contains information that is specific to a particular setting that is not Solas Tempus... This means that if you're Colt 45 Revolver page has information that is geared toward playing a GURPS Technomaner game, probably should make the page title something more specific such as, GURPS Colt 45 or Colt 45, GURPS. This way the page describes where the information would be found useful.


Try to find a category that deals in what you need already. For instance, we have a Starfleet category. Unless there is a compelling reason why, if something is about the United Federation of Planets it should also go into the Starfleet category. If a category isn't clear, ask someone via that category's talk page.

Then, and only then, if you don't find something that works for what you're doing, add a category. Use the same kinds of ideas that go along with creating a page and should be titled so that it specifies the setting for which it is used. There also are going to be duplicate categories that cater to specific settings such as someone having a group of characters from Ravenloft might want a category for that being People of Ravenloft, but that probably isn't the best idea either. Ravenloft is part of D&D and most characters are interchangeable. Few entries to deal with one D&D style setting would need to specific to a particular story or game. Thus, a better category would be People of Dungeons and Dragons or something similar.

The same goes for any kind of category, make categories as broad as is logical. We want a category to allow many people as possible can benefit from their existence while still making sense.

Characters and NPCs

Character or NPC names should be in the form of First Name Last Name as someone's name would be spoken and should. Bios should be added to the People category if they are involved in the Solas Tempus universe in some way, or if they cross-apply to different universes (if this is the case consider if two pages should be made or how you are going to make clear which attributes apply to which story line and how easy that will be to understand. Use your best judgement.

In addition, use the {{DEFAULTSORT}} function to make sure the Wiki knows to sort by last name, so that your character is easy to find. So Bob Smith would have {{DEFAULTSORT:Smith, Bob}} which would cause the wiki to sort the page in categories by the last name.

Images and Files

This isn't just a single person's Wiki so if you're uploading an image keep the name as broad as it needs to be for ease of use but specific enough so that it won't cause confusion later. Don't just name something "bob.jpg" but rather go with "character-bob-smith.jpg" or something like that. The same goes for files. If you're uploading a PDF that describes the care of a Tribble you don't just want to title it "pet-care.pdf" but rather "tribble-care.pdf" or something along those lines.

If someone already has a file by the name you want to use, do not overwrite that file! First, see if their file will work, is it of the same thing that you're uploading? If it isn't, then choose a different name that describes why yours is different. If it is an image of a guy named Bob Smith and smith-bob.jpg is already taken (or similar) then try something like "bob-smith-rifts.jpg" to show that it is your character named Bob Smith from the setting Rifts.

Editing Content

It goes without saying that one person should not go mucking around with content created by someone else for no reason. For the most part if someone has content on their page that needs to be changed, they should be left to do it. However, things aren't that simple, ever.


Much like Wikipedia if you come across something that is incorrect in an informational page or could use expanding on, feel free to do it.

If someone's grammar is way off, spelling, word order, or other such things you should feel free to change it within reason. Completely erasing someone's content because "Oh, that doesn't make any sense!" or "That would never happen!" is... Bad form on a most pages... Don't much with people's story lines beyond corrections of grammar, spelling, and readability. If there is a problem with the actually content of a character, story, or original content page... Post something on the talk page! Mods will see it there and if the owner doesn't step forward, we'll contact them.

Being Factual

Being factual is important! But have respect, if you make a change and someone changes it back... Don't get into a war about whose right, contact that person, use the talk page, etc... If it bothers you that much then talk to a mod about it - but before doing that, you'd better have good reason. Remember this is a role playing and writing site! Things don't have to line up with the real world! Sometimes things are going to get fudged, glossed over, or similarly inaccurate. Keep in mind what someone is trying to do.