Celest Nevyn

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Celest Nevyn
Celest Nevyn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135lbs
Race: Human
Date of Birth: November 4rd, 2355
Place of Birth: Mars
Figure: Toned and thin body /w pale almost white skin.
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Medical Doctor on Blazing Umbra Station
Temporal Operative
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Celest is an outspoken extrovert, tolerant of others, but prone to considerable anger when backed into a corner. Her high intelligence and quick judgement give her an edge in the field allowing for quick and accurate recognition of psychological conditions, information, and predilections. This is coupled with a downside, she showed definite makers of being possibly OCD and strong indicators for an inclination toward dissociation from normal social constructs and emotional affect given the proper situation. It is also specifically noted that war torn time periods are not recommended given her past and mental state, it is theorized that exposure to the nastier aspects of the Dominion War during a very ideological time period caused psychological damage.


  • Fishing
  • Sculpting
  • Pottery
  • Vintage 20th Century Earth Cartoons
Particularly focuses on Merry Melodies and Hannah Barbara

Special Skills


Both of Celest's parents are doctors and rather perfectionists. Strong personalities they both thought that she should be able to rise to a higher level than her peers. In her mind they expected perfection but in reality they were always very proud of her. As a child winning was really, really important to her. Winning was so important that she would not hesitate to resort to her own brand of emotional warfare, using whatever she could to beat an opponent before actually confronting them in person.

Celest is a young woman who formerly served with the Federation as an aid doctor in the Dominion War. She had been meaning to apply to Starfleet Academy but decided against it after the war, after seeing some horrific things done by some of Starfleet's finest officers when (in her opinion) there was no need. At one point she she spoke out against a ground assault against a Cardassian colony that was intelligence reports said to be contain only a hospital, the commanding officer threatened to shoot her for her boldness.

She is one of the youngest doctors from her class at medical school and extraordinarily intelligent. She is a medical doctor but also carries a doctorate in applied psychology and is certified for surgical procedures as well as emergency work medical work and trauma counseling. As an educated woman she also carries a degree in history and the arts with emphasis on pre-WWIII Earth.

As a Temporal Operative with Solas Tempus she first was placed with a team doing simple surveillance activities on a hot spot area in 2029, only a 3 years into the World War III on Earth. This mission lasted only a year, however, before the intelligence gathered was enough to pinpoint certain temporal anomalies which were known to exist. In 2030, 2033, and 2024 military units from the Eastern Coalition had actually captured the site of one such anomaly. Celest served with the team from the USS Genesis (NAR-29) as part of Operation Touchstone. After the operation she requests and is granted a transfer to medical putting a hold on field work as a Temporal Operative.