Alnath Star System

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The Alnath star system is located approximately 81.7 lightyears from Earth. The star is a B7III giant sending off a hot blue-white color light. There are no M Class planets in the system, it consists of 3 planets, all of them gas giants of various types. The largest of which is Alnath II - which is about the size of Jupiter in the Sol System.

Alnath Prime

Class: J
Distance: 2.38 AU
Period: 2.38 Years
Radius: 70,993.49 km
Gravity: 5.89 G

This world is made up of primarily helium, methane, hexane, oxygen, and argon. Trace amounts of hydrogen, neon, and ammonia. It has 54 small moons and 11 large moons ranging from half the size of Earth's moon to about three times that. On one of the larger moons dubbed Alnath 1 L7 had a Hermod Outpost (called Sulella Outpost) was placed in 2387 by the Serenity Concord. This outpost replaces the previous automated mining station placed by the Saffron Consortium in 2379. The outpost is largely automated and sends drones into the upper atmosphere to collect gasses to be shipped back to the Concord for processing. The existence of the Hermod Gate avoids significant navigational hazard caused by the third planet in the system and reduces collection costs significantly. A small group of technicians and scientific personnel regularly visit the outpost to collect data and perform maintenance.

Alnath 2

Class: I
Distance: 44.17 AU
Period: 217.43 Years
Radius: 28,778.49 km
Gravity: 0.93 G

The 2nd world in this system is primarily made up of hydrogen, helium, and argon. It has 3 small moons, likely asteroids trapped within its gravitational pull. It is the largest of the three planets. There was once a small supply base on the largest of its moons named Magnar (mag-n-ARE), the moon became unstable as its orbit shifted naturally closer to the planet. Tidal forces cause its crust to be in a constant state of movement and keeps the core molten. The station has been abandoned for about 30 years.

Alnath 3

Class: I
Distance: 348.95 AU
Period: 4,828.35 Years
Radius: 22,536.31 km
Gravity: 1.17 G

The third and most distant planet is the smallest of the three, it probably has a small core made up of highly compressed neodymium and dysprosium forming a very strong magnetic field. The atmosphere is made up mostly of argon, ammonia, and oxygen in its outer layers but a thin layer of exotic ice forms about a mile from the core. It has 21 small moons and 3 large moons all made up of similarly polarized rare-earth elements. The incredible magnetic fields produced as the moon passes through field lines of the planet wreak havoc with technology, the Serenity Concord has deemed the planet and its moons to be a navigational hazard and not cost effective for mining. An automated monitoring station exists on the moon which transmits regular bursts of data back for the Concord to aid in scientific research through the Sulella Outpost. The magnetic field strength is high enough that the Concord has been using it to study several naturally occurring space-time distortion phenomena not seen anywhere else.