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Alicia (Spartan-052)
Played by: User:Ks0908
Height: 2 meters (200cm)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 35
Place of Birth: Reach
Hair Color: Blond
Figure: fit
Universe of Origin: Halo
Organization: UNSC Navy Special Weapeons
Occupation: Spartan
Rank / Skill Level: petty officer
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Focused, but with a bit of sense of humour.

Special Skills

Marksmanship with DMR

Special Abilities



Conscripted into the Spartan II program at age 6, she was put through intense physical training, at age 13, she went through an augmentation process, of which half of her brothers and sisters in arms did not survive. She was sent on his first combat mission at 21 in her Mark V MJOLNIR armor. Soon after war started she was deployed with other spartans on many battlefields, surviving up to Fall of Reach, where she encountered splice while fighting with Elite in close Quarters getting spliced to station with he.


  • DMR
  • Green MJOLNIR mark V armor
  • M6C socom
  • Frag grenades *5
  • Plasma grenades *3
  • Rubber rounds for non-lethal needs (added to equipment when racial tensions started, in case it will be needed)
MJOLNR mark V preview


  • Enhanced senses and reflexes
  • Titanium grafted to bones
  • Muscle growth and regeneration sped up
  • Endurance increased
  • Experimental neural link