Alexander Bardulf

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Alexander "Clarence" Bardulf
Alias: Clarence
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 212 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Lycanthrope
Type: Werewolf
Date of Birth: March 8th, 1985
Place of Birth: Henderson, Nevada
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Organization: Union of the Moon
Formerly United States Marine Corps
Occupation: Leader of the Chicago Union of the Moon
Retired United States Marine
Rank / Skill Level: Alpha
Former Gunnery Sargent
Setting: Angelic Sins
Hybrid Wolf-Man form of Alexander Bardulf
Wolf form of Alexander Bardulf

Alexander Bardulf, known as "Clarence," embodies a modern-horror narrative, a resilient and adaptable protagonist shaped by a tumultuous upbringing and a life-altering journey as a werewolf in the military. Born in the eerie backdrop of Henderson, Nevada, he emerged from a family marred by relentless disputes, haunted by his father's military past, a shadowy figure who imparted discipline and service values while grappling with inner demons. Enlisting in the Marine Corps at 18 marked the start of his chilling odyssey. His transformation into a lycanthrope during the first year post-boot camp led to a sinister transfer to a classified werewolf unit, where his protective instincts and skepticism found a dark purpose. Possessing heightened senses and combat skills, empowered by a sinister psionic link, he thrived as a guardian of the shadows. Beyond the military's macabre secrets, his artistic talents, like bone carving and nature soundscaping, offer moments of eerie respite. After retiring in the ominous year of 2023, he joined the Union of the Moon, embodying a nightmarish, peaceful, and balanced approach to support fellow shifters, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to protect against the lurking unknown.


Alexander Bardulf has been shaped by a life of both turmoil and purpose. At his core, he is a protective soul, driven by an innate desire to safeguard those he cares about. His journey from a skeptical, somewhat rebellious young man to a balanced, emotionally intelligent individual reflects his determination to find equilibrium in his dual human and werewolf nature. This quest for balance extends to his artistic pursuits, which provide him with a creative outlet and a deeper connection with the world around him. Alex's inherent adaptability, forged through years of military service and the challenges of lycanthropy, is a defining characteristic that underpins his personality.

In his interactions with others, Alexander is a loyal and compassionate friend. His protective instincts extend beyond his pack, encompassing those he considers family, and he will go to great lengths to ensure their well-being. Empathic and attuned to the emotional states of those around him, he is often the pillar of support and a calming presence during times of distress. Alex's skepticism, honed through his early life experiences, makes him a discerning judge of character, but once trust is established, he forms deep and enduring connections. He values open communication and prefers to resolve conflicts through dialogue and understanding rather than confrontation. In his artistic pursuits, he is a patient and meticulous creator, often sharing his works as a means of bonding with others.

In his post-military career with the Union of the Moon, Alexander brings his military discipline and leadership skills to the forefront. He approaches his role with a strategic mindset, adapting quickly to the ever-changing landscape of shifter affairs. As a protector of those shifters who lack a pack, he is both compassionate and decisive, seeking peaceful resolutions but ready to take action when necessary. His status at an Alpha of his pack allows him to lead effectively, fostering a sense of unity among those he protects. In this role, he employs his empathic sensing to gauge the well-being of the shifters under his care, striving to create an environment where they feel safe and understood. His artistic skills also serve as a means of therapy and bonding within the community, promoting a sense of unity and balance. Overall, Alexander Bardulf's professional demeanor reflects his commitment to ensuring that shifters find solace and support under his watchful and caring guidance.

Special Abilities

Alexander Bardulf's special abilities as a werewolf are predominantly centered around enhanced physical and sensory capabilities, as well as a unique form of psionic communication. His superior senses of smell and hearing make him an exceptional tracker and hunter, skills further amplified by his natural hunting instincts. His physical prowess is evident in his superior strength and agility, which are invaluable in both combat and evasion. These abilities are magnified in his hybrid form, although this comes at the cost of more challenging instinctual control. Additionally, his psionic abilities not only facilitate non-verbal communication but also allow him to exert influence as the Alpha of his pack. Overall, his abilities make him a formidable individual, highly attuned to his environment and capable of leading and protecting those he considers his pack.

Superior Sense of Smell
Ability to detect scents over great distances and differentiate between them.
Superior Hearing
Can hear high-frequency sounds and detect noises from far away.
Superior Strength
Increased muscle power, allowing him to lift heavy objects and overpower opponents.
Enhanced Agility
Ability to move quickly and easily, useful in combat and evasion.
Accelerated Healing
Rapid recovery from injuries, although not instantaneous.
Hunting Instincts
Natural skills in tracking and stalking prey.
Animal Form
Ability to transform into a wolf.
Hybrid Form
A half-man, half-wolf form that combines human cognition with animal instincts. In this form he has twice normal superior abilities but it is more difficult to control his instincts.
Psionic Link
This allows for non-verbal communication and sensing each other's emotional states through a shared psionic link.
Pack Alpha
As an Alpha, Alexander can exert a form of psionic influence over members of his pack, compelling them to obey his orders.

Special Skills

Alexander Bardulf's diverse skill set seamlessly integrates his military training with his pursuit of a calmer and more balanced existence, bridging the human and wolf aspects of his nature. His superior senses, such as smell and hearing, enhance both combat prowess and mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection with his environment. Strategic planning and sniping skills, combined with his shape-shifting abilities, exemplify his adaptable nature. Combat expertise, including close-quarters combat and controlled aggression, complements his leadership skills, magnified by his Pack Alpha ability. Empathic sensing extends beyond combat, aiding team morale. Furthermore, his artistic pursuits, from bone carving to nature soundscaping and shadow puppetry, provide outlets for creative expression and connection with the world. In this intricate tapestry, Alexander's journey revolves around harmonizing his dual nature, becoming a poised protector, leader, and artist.

Strategic Planning
Ability to quickly assess and adapt to changing combat situations, enhanced by his superior senses.
Exceptional skills in long-range shooting, aided by his superior senses.
Close Quarters Combat
Specialized training in hand-to-hand combat, further enhanced by his superior strength and agility.
Squad Leadership
Exceptional skills in leading small units, bolstered by his Pack Alpha ability.
Wilderness Survival
Expertise in surviving in harsh conditions, aided by his hunting instincts and accelerated healing.
Shadow Stalking
Utilizing his superior senses and agility to move undetected.
Advanced Tracking
Ability to track individuals or objects over great distances, using his superior sense of smell and hunting instincts.
Silent Coordination
Using his Pack Alpha ability for non-verbal communication and coordination during missions.
Empathic Sensing
Ability to sense the emotional states of those around him, useful for gauging the morale and well-being of his team.
Quick Transformation
Skill in swiftly shifting between his human, wolf, and hybrid forms as the situation demands.
Mindfulness Techniques
Utilizing mindfulness to control emotional triggers that could lead to unwanted transformations or loss of control.
Discipline Drills
Special training routines designed to help him resist the urge to shift forms or act on predatory instincts during high-stress situations.
Selective Focus
Training to tune out or focus on specific sensory inputs, helping him manage his superior senses in a way that doesn't overwhelm him or compromise the mission.
Controlled Aggression
Techniques to channel his natural predatory instincts into controlled, purposeful actions during combat.
Zen Practices
Adopting meditation and other centering techniques to achieve a balanced state, helping him keep his animal instincts in check.
Bone Carving
Utilizing animal bones, often from hunts, to create intricate carvings and sculptures. This could be a form of meditation for him, as well as a way to honor the life of the animal.
Nature Soundscaping
Creating ambient soundscapes using natural elements like wind, water, and animal calls. This could be a way for him to connect with his environment and find a sense of peace, especially given his enhanced hearing.
Shadow Puppetry
Crafting and manipulating shadow puppets to tell stories or entertain. Given his enhanced agility and focus, he could perform complex movements and sequences, making his puppetry exceptionally captivating.


Alexander Bardulf, born in 1985 to African American parents in Henderson, Nevada, navigated a complex emotional landscape marked by familial discord and societal challenges. His skepticism of authority and protective nature were shaped early on, traits that found a structured outlet when he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2003. A transformative encounter with lycanthropy led to his inclusion in a specialized, Werewolf-only military unit. After 20 years of service, he retired in 2023, dedicating himself to the well-being of shifters without a pack through the Union of the Moon. Throughout his life, Alexander's journey has been one of adaptation, resilience, and a constant search for balance.

Early Life

Alexander "Clarence" Bardulf was born on March 8, 1985, in Henderson, Nevada, to African American parents Marcus and Angela Bardulf. His father, a former Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army honorably discharged for anger management issues, currently works as a Security Consultant. His mother, a Registered Nurse, is known for her empathetic qualities and serves as the family's emotional mediator. Raised in a complex emotional environment marked by frequent domestic disputes, Alexander developed early emotional intelligence and resilience. His father's military background acted as both an inspiration and a cautionary tale, instilling discipline from a young age.

During Alexander's formative years his African American heritage significantly influenced his personality and worldview. Experiences with racial profiling in the mid '90s heightened his awareness of social inequalities and fueled his protective nature. These encounters also made him more vigilant and driven to excel, serving both as personal empowerment and a challenge to societal stereotypes. Alexander Bardulf's African American heritage had a definitive impact on his upbringing and character formation. The decade's resurgence in African American culture, especially in music and fashion, instilled in him a strong sense of cultural pride and identity, directly influencing his artistic pursuits. Family expectations for him to excel and "prove himself" were a constant presence, shaping him into the well-rounded individual he became. The debates around affirmative action during this time opened academic doors for him but also subjected him to scrutiny, intensifying his drive to excel in multiple fields. Economic challenges that affected so many African American families, including his own, made Alexander acutely aware of economic injustices. The rise of prominent African American figures, particularly Michael Jordan, had a profound impact on him.

High School

As a teenager entering high school, Alexander Bardulf's growing awareness of police and justice issues made him increasingly skeptical of authority figures. This skepticism wasn't channeled into activism on a large scale; instead, it manifested in a more localized, protective manner. Alexander became fiercely protective of a close-knit circle of friends and family, often going to great lengths to shield them from harm. However, beyond this chosen circle, he generally tried to stay under the radar, avoiding unnecessary attention. This skepticism also led to willful disobedience in school settings. He questioned rules and policies, leading to confrontations with teachers and school administrators. His disobedience wasn't aimed at societal change but rather at challenging what he saw as unjust or arbitrary authority. This behavior occasionally resulted in disciplinary actions, affecting his academic record.

Military Career

Upon turning 18 in March 2003, Alexander Bardulf enlisted in the United States Marine Corps by June of the same year, immediately following his high school graduation. His initial experience in boot camp was rocky, marked by several altercations stemming from his skepticism of authority. During this time, he earned his callsign Clarence after a daring incident where he jumped into a frozen lake to distract a Military Police officer who was about to catch his friend engaged in a foolish act. The callsign is a nod to the guardian angel in the classic film It's a Wonderful Life. Despite these early challenges, Alexander quickly adapted to the military environment, finding a sense of belonging and purpose he had long sought. The structure, discipline, and team-oriented ethos of the Marine Corps resonated deeply with him, making him feel part of something greater than himself.

In a life-altering twist, Alexander was infected with lycanthropy during his first year post-boot camp. The infection came from a stray werewolf suffering from an illness that had driven it mad. Recognizing the signs of his transformation, his military superiors intervened, transferring him in 2005 to the Ad Undas facility in Los Angeles, California. This specialized facility housed a classified, Werewolf-only unit within the military. Welcomed into this unique pack, Alexander found a new sense of family and purpose. His protective nature, skepticism of authority, and strong sense of duty found a new outlet in this specialized unit, solidifying his role as a valuable member of both his military pack and the broader Marine Corps. During his time at Ad Undas, Alexander met another Alpha named Daren "Cap" Triskel. Even though Alexander and Cap were in different packs (Cap was undergoing rigorous training to become a Navy Seal and to use his werewolf abilities) the two became close friends.


In January 2023, after two decades of dedicated service, Alexander Bardulf retired from the United States Marine Corps. He chose to move in with former comrades who had also served in the Marines and had retired before him. Like Alexander, they were shifters, and together they formed a tight-knit, non-traditional pack. Shortly after his military retirement, Alexander joined the Union of the Moon, an organization focused on the well-being and rights of shifters.

Embracing a more peaceful approach to life, he began working towards achieving a zen-like balance, a stark contrast to the rigors and discipline of his military years. His protective instincts found a new focus: safeguarding shifters who had no pack and no one to turn to. This was especially relevant for military personnel who had been turned into werewolves, either accidentally like him or intentionally, and were forced into artificial packs. Many of these individuals found themselves adrift after leaving the military, caught in a liminal space where they were no longer fully human but lacked a natural pack structure. Alexander's home became a sanctuary for such individuals, where he offered not just protection but also kindness and a sense of belonging.